What Do I Need To Know About Mold Remediation?

Mold in a Petri dish to show how mold can spread without remediation

Mold removal and remediation can be one of the most stressful events a homeowner goes through. At Puroclean, we want to educate our customers about the process about mold removal so that whenever you are dealing with a crisis, you can feel educated and confident about the next steps to rectify your unfortunate homeowner situation. Read on to learn more about the process and how mold testing and remediation works.

First, The Source of Mold Must Be Identified

Mold can come from many sources, whether it is a busted pipe that has a water leak or a rodent infestation. There are dozens of potential causes of mold that could be experienced by a homeowner, so it is important to tackle the problem at the source. First, our team will dive in to discover the cause of mold to be able to ensure that mold is not an ongoing or recurring issue after removal or remediation is complete.

Professional Assessment and Quote

A professional in remediation will be able to write a quote for your home after inspecting and understanding the source of the mold. After this is complete, you will be able to review the quote. Many times, home insurance will cover or reimburse the cost of remediation. However, we always encourage everyone to stay up-to-date on their current insurance standing in case you may ever have an emergency.

The Work Begins

After a quote is established and the area has been thoroughly inspected, work begins. With remediation, this can mean introduction of fans, mold-killing solutions, and in some cases even removal and replacement of drywall. Every mold remediation job is different, and depending on what is necessary this will affect the amount of time that it will take in order to effectively kill the mold. Specialists are required to wear protective gear and suits in order to ensure their own safety, which speaks volumes on why it is so important to take care of mold whenever you notice it in your home.

Containment Can Be A Necessary Step

It is imperative to contain the affected area due to the nature of how mold spreads. Mold spreads quickly and can be airborne, spread through physical contact, and it can be “self spreading” meaning that it can grow off of itself into new areas. Whenever mold remediation is taking place, additional measures must be taken to ensure that spread becomes impossible.

Re-Testing After Removal

Re-testing after removal and remediation is a necessary step due to the nature of mold. Mold is able to spread QUICKLY and efficiently. Mold can spread through several different ways and if professional removal is not completed and testing is performed to ensure that it is eradicated, then you can come back with the same problem in the future.

For more information about mold removal and mold remediation, contact us at our contact page to set up a time with one of our professionals. We look forward to serving you and aiding you in your time of need.

Last edited on 8th of November 2023