2022 Holiday Party Safety Checklist

It’s that time to kick back and indulge in the holiday celebrations! While we don’t want to shy anyone away from the fun of parties, we want to remind you to always consider safety before planning your event. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the U.S. Fire Department responded to an average of 790 house fires that began with faulty holiday decorations between 2015 and 2019. This startling statistic reminds us that things can go wrong if we don’t prepare beforehand. 

Whether arranging a Christmas or Hanukah gathering or attending an unforgettable New Year’s Eve bash, stay current on the latest safety tips. We have listed them below so you can rejoice in the festivities without worry. 

  • Have a fire escape plan. You should have one in place for members of your household, and advise your guests about it, too. If you don’t have a fire escape plan, you can find ideas for making one here.
  • If you have smokers at your party, politely ask them to smoke outside and away from younger guests. You can provide large and deep ashtrays for their convenience as well.
  • If you plan to decorate, use safety-tested and approved electric lights to avoid possible fires. Check all strings for broken bulbs, loose connections, or frayed wiring before hanging them up. 
  • Don’t neglect food safety: do not let edible items sit at room temperature for more than two hours. If the temperature is above 85 degrees, you should leave unrefrigerated food out for about one hour.
  • Your pooches and cats may behave differently when in the company of strangers. Recognize that not all animals are friendly and social with others. Be aware of your pets’ interactions with your guests and vice versa. If you know your pet might be feistier or exhibit unusual behavior around a large crowd, consider secluding them in a closed room.
  • Serve alcohol with care. When hosting a party, you are responsible for not letting any inebriated guests drive after. Be sure everyone has a designated driver, a ride-share, or a taxi service on call for those who do not. Provide plenty of food so your guests can recover quickly.
  • When the party is over, walk around the home and ensure fireplaces and candles are extinguished. Turn off any unnecessary appliances and gather any potential hazards, such as sharp or flammable objects, and discard them safely. 
  • Double-check that fireplaces and candles aren’t on and burning when the party is over. Gather any potential hazards, such as sharp or flammable objects, and discard them safely. You may also want to turn off any unnecessary appliances, too.
  • For the health and safety of everyone, you may check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s website for all the latest Coronavirus guidelines.

The holidays can be of the most memorable moments of the year. Everyone loves a good Holiday get-together or a Christmas party. However, everyone can be susceptible to accidents, even during the most wonderful time of the year. It’s important to be mindful of safety precautions and ensure you and your guests are safe. Be sure you follow these guidelines for a fun-filled and safe holiday party. 

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Last edited on 20th of December 2022