Digital Water Alerts — Gadgets Help You Learn About a Leak Before It Does Damage

Water Restoration

Water damage is the number one cause of loss for homeowner insurance claims. This is because water can easily escape the plumbing system, leak through the roof, or come from other sources like faulty appliances or floods caused by storms. Even a small amount of water can heavily damage walls, ceilings, floors or other contents in the home.

One efficient solution to averting water damage in homes is installing water leak detectors (or sensors). Older or simpler water leak detectors emit an alarm when they detect water, but these have a disadvantage — you must be at home to hear the alarm and take action to prevent water damage.

However, in recent years, water leak detectors have become smarter and will notify you by text message when unwanted water or moisture is detected in your home. Some of these gadgets will even automatically shut off the water supply just in time to prevent severe water damage.

Smart leak detection systems comprise several small moisture/leak sensors that you can place near areas that are more prone to water damage: on sump pumps, near water-bearing fixtures, and behind or beneath pipes. Because they run on batteries, you can place smart leak detectors almost anywhere a water problem might occur.

Higher-end leak detectors have an option to set a minimum amount of water before an alert is triggered. This helps you learn only about water incidents that can potentially cause damage, excluding small spills. An additional feature of smart leak detectors is monitoring the temperature variations in the home — if there’s an unexpected change in temperature, the device will send alerts.

Most smart leak detectors on the market are integrated into smart home systems. Such systems include a central hub that connects to the Internet, an app, as well as a variety of smart devices that you can add, such as leak detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, thermostats and motion sensors. The hub communicates with all connected products and allows you to monitor and control them from the app.

The installation of independent leak detectors is simple and doesn’t require special tools. However, installing a smart home system with leak detection gadgets may require the services of a specialist. To make sure the detectors work properly throughout the year, check the batteries and power sources regularly.

To learn more about how to prevent water damage in your home, take a look at these essential tips. If water damage has already occurred in your home, follow these guidelines to handle water and storm damage. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact PuroClean of Massapequa at (516) 604-1200.

Last edited on 15th of November 2022