Kieran L. Massapequa Park

Massapequa Park, NY

I called Sal Pusateri at Puroclean Massapequa to address smoke residue in a home from a smoker. Sal came in and gave his professional advice on how he would handle removing odors and staining from nicotine in the walls that just wouldn’t come out with normal cleaning. It was in the closets, the radiators and elsewhere. He was thorough and honest, limiting the remedies to what was actually necessary instead of pushing every possibility. He advised me on what he could do, what would be redundant and what I could handle myself if I wanted to save money. He cleaned all agreed upon surfaces and used an ozone treatment that removed any trace of the smell or stain. From consultation to pre-work inspection to the completed treatment, Sal was helpful, knowledgeable and flexible. I’m thrilled to no longer smell the odor or see the stains and wish every person who worked on the house was like Sal.