Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Although fire accidents are the most common risks during the winter holidays, your decorated Christmas tree also presents other dangers. Follow these safety precautions to ensure that your Christmas holiday stays fun and safe:

  • If you have a metallic Christmas tree, never put electric lights on it to avoid the risk of electric shock. Don’t fasten colored spotlights onto metallic trees, either. Use them above or beside a tree to prevent the metallic tree from becoming charged with electricity from faulty lights.
  • If you have small children, avoid sharp or breakable decorations. Make sure children can’t reach trimmings that have small removable parts or resemble candy or food.
  • Bubble lights on trees should be kept out of the reach of children. Curious children can be tempted to break the glass, which can cut, and drink the liquid that contains dangerous chemicals.
  • Decorate your tree using tinsel or artificial icicles made of plastic. Make sure the trimmings don’t contain lead, as this substance can be highly dangerous if ingested by children.
  • Consider not using spun glass “angel hair” that can irritate eyes and skin. If you use artificial snow spray, ensure that it is labeled nontoxic and follow container directions to prevent lung irritation.
  • Keep your pets safe by placing smaller and more fragile decorations at the top of the tree. Use appropriate wiring and unplug twinkling lights when pets are present. Don’t allow pets to chew on branches, as they may be coated with harmful sprays, such as insecticide, fertilizer or fire retardant.
  • When decorating the higher limbs of the tree, use a sturdy step stool or stepladder to prevent falling accidents. Alternatively, ask someone to hold the stool or ladder for you while you are decorating.
  • Mold and mildew can be present on live Christmas trees and even on boughs and wreaths. To avoid this source of mold in your home, consider using artificial trees and decorations. If you still prefer live greenery, try hosing them down before bringing them inside to remove existing mold spores. Don’t keep the tree in your home for too long, as more time can allow mold to develop.

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Last edited on 28th of January 2021