Fire Safety in Places of Public Assembly

In The Community

When entering a place of public assembly (nightclubs, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc.) we don’t usually anticipate a disaster. Unfortunately, disasters can occur when you least expect. Read the tips below to learn how to be prepared in a place of public assembly during an emergency:

  • Before entering, take a look at the building and assess its condition. The main entrance should be wide and the exits should be clear of any materials. Don’t enter the building if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you decide to enter, tell someone you trust where you are. If there is an emergency and you are separated from your group, contact that person and ask for help.
  • Establish a meeting place outside of the building with your group where everyone can meet in case of an emergency.
  • Once inside, locate the exits. There have to be at least two exists. If you must evacuate the building quickly, use the exit closest to you.
  • Make sure the exit paths are not obstructed by furniture or chairs and check that the exit doors are not blocked. If blocked, tell the management and if any problem is not immediately solved, leave the building and consider registering a complaint to the fire marshal.
  • See if there are any fire sources which could make you feel unsafe: pyrotechnics, candles or cigarettes burning, or other heat sources. Check for smoke alarms and fire sprinklers and clarify your concerns with the management. Exit the building if you don’t feel completely safe inside.
  • If you see or hear any disturbances (such as smoke alarms) that may signal an emergency, try to remain calm and exit the building immediately. Once you are outside, do not attempt to go back into the burning building. Rescue operations should be conducted only by firefighters.

During the holiday season, there is an increased risk of fire accidents. Holiday fire safety tips are available here. If you’re hosting a party during the holidays, check out these safety tips. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 2nd of July 2018