When Water Threatens to Wreck a Wedding…

Water Restoration

When a couple gets married, it is typically the most special moment of their lives so far. Everything is supposed to be perfect and nothing can go wrong. But, what happens when something does? Recently, we were called into perform a water restoration for a hotel after the sprinkler systems failed, and the ballroom flooded. And, as you may have guessed, the hotel was hosting a wedding in just a few short days.

Not Letting Water Damage Wash Away The Wedding

We arrived at the hotel a mere hour after we received the call. Time was of the essence and we couldn’t afford to waste any since we were informed that a couple was having their wedding celebration there in less than 24 hours. The main ballroom had been totally flooded by a faulty sprinkler head and we needed to make sure it was dry before the festivities began the next day.

Most sprinkler systems operate on a heat-trigger system. There is a thin layer of glass that will expand when air temperatures reach a certain degree. When the expansion happens, the water pressure breaks through the glass. There is nothing electronic regarding the activation of these systems, so if something were to tamper with the glass, the sprinklers could theoretically run until the water is cut off, even without a fire.

We had finished the initial drying at 1 am on Friday, but had to leave as to not obstruct the celebration. This amounted to us removing our equipment, then return and set it all up again later that night. This meant that we needed to move equipment after the wedding back into place and remove it again for the next day as there was another event the day after.

By the time the main wedding ceremony took place on Saturday, we had already dried out most of the carpets and were even able to deodorize the area. The mother of the bride told us that she and her family were very thankful for how swiftly and effectively we took care of the water. Furthermore, the sprinklers left a nasty smell on the carpet, but after thorough extraction, our team removed the smell without no complaints from the clients.

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Not every moment will be as important as your wedding, but that still does not mean that you should let water damage ruin it for you. Call us at (732) 366-9300 for professional restoration services. We will communicate with you and the insurance companies at every step to ensure the process is as easy as possible and you can have peace of mind.

Last edited on 9th of April 2021