3 Green Remodeling Projects to Tackle This Spring

Water Restoration

We know, life can get pretty hectic. Sometimes it is difficult to think beyond what you set out to accomplish in a day, let alone how that scheduled day impacts the environment. But even the smallest tweaks to your routine can go a long way. Here are three tips to help you green your routine and take care of yourself and the environment, too!

Lawn Drainage and Smart Landscaping Design

Spring showers bring May flowers, but with those showers often comes excess rainwater. All of the extra water can damage your lawn and turn your landscaping into a muddy mess. Water damage can lead to more complicated home issues like flooding and foundation problems. To prevent these issues from happening or reoccurring, consider investing in a long-term solution like installing an in-ground drainage system. A large-scale project like this will require the expertise of a local plumbing service.

If you are concerned about the cost, shop around and connect with qualified plumbers near you to get a few different quotes. Once you find a plumbing service that aligns with your budget and project goals, you can get started on returning your yard to an attractive and healthy state.

After a plumbing service properly installs your lawn drainage system, you can plan out your new landscape design to make sure it is water-efficient. Why is this important? Well, it helps you save money and water, while positively impacting the environment and native wildlife. Also, according to The American Water Works Association (AWWA) Research Foundation, American homeowners consume 58,000 gallons of water outdoors each year, most of which is devoted to irrigation.

By designing smart and efficient irrigation systems, you will minimize runoff and help retain water. Make it easier on yourself and consider installing a water-efficient product, like WaterSense’s irrigation controller to make maintaining your landscape easier. This automatic sprinkler system waters plants only when they need it and can save an average home 7,600 gallons of water annually. Keeping your yard healthy while limiting water use is an eco-friendly way to live more sustainably and save money!

Kitchen Refresh

A kitchen remodels might be the last project you want to start this season. However, remodeling your kitchen to support a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be as difficult or intrusive to your daily rituals. Some green remodeling projects are very straightforward and don’t take up a ton of time. Plus, spring is the perfect time of year to give your kitchen an eco-friendly overhaul, especially since the weather isn’t too hot!

If your kitchen flooring is outdated, pick out sustainable hardwood flooring to replace it. If you aren’t a fan of hardwood, there are other options like bamboo, cork, and recycled tiles. Bamboo is a great flooring choice for pet-friendly homes thanks to its durable and scratch-and-stain-resistant qualities. Eco-friendly flooring options look beautiful and add value to your kitchen, which is something most people are afraid they will have to sacrifice when choosing green products and decor.

Green Bathroom Routine

Bathrooms account for nearly 75 percent of total water consumption in the home. Remodeling your bathroom to support a greener wellness routine is an excellent way to be more water-efficient and eco-friendly in your home. One easy remodeling project is replacing your current faucet with a low-flow model.

There are a lot of luxurious, spa-like options available that reduce water and elevate the space. Look for fixtures that have the WaterSense label — these products are 20 percent more water-efficient than average products on the market! Installing smart faucets help homeowners and families save 700 gallons of water per year and also helps to save money (a win-win for both you and the environment).

If you love a good DIY project, consider building a floating wood vanity. This green project doesn’t have to break the bank. You can use reclaimed materials, like wood beams, to build an affordable and durable vanity. Plus, spring is an ideal time of year to create a one-of-a-kind piece especially since you will need to be outside to sand and stain the wood.

A floating vanity is a popular choice that will transform your bathroom and make it feel more spacious without having to knock down walls. Keep in mind, in with the new means out with the old, so don’t let old items go to waste. There are many ways to do some good with old fixtures and materials to help keep them from ending up in a landfill.

Homeowners have a lot of responsibility, but being environmentally responsible makes you feel good. Green remodeling is an exciting way to refresh your home and be conscious of your impact on the planet.

Last edited on 10th of May 2023