Cicadas Coming to Dayton and Cincinnati 5/15/21

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Have you heard that the cicadas are expected to emerge this weekend in Dayton and Cincinnati? That’s right these flying, red eyed, blooding sucking beasts are coming to Dayton and Cincinnati \ for you! They don’t really suck blood and are actually harmless unless you’re under 4′ and a tree. Here are a few tips to help you as the cicadas are coming to you in Dayton and Cincinnati.

How to Protect Trees When Cicadas Come to Dayton and Cincinnati

If you are looking to keep your trees and bushes safe from the cicadas swing by your local hardware store and grab some netting. Wrap the truck of your trees in the netting and check for damages nightly. Use the same netting to protect small bushes.,and%20water%20to%20pass%20through.

How to Protect Yourself From Cicadas Coming to Dayton and Cincinnati

Wear a hat

Only use power tools at dusk so the vibrations aren’t confused with that of the male cicada

Hike with light clothing

Pay attend to cats and dogs. The shells left behind by males can be eaten by pets and cause digestion issues.

Rake up the exoskeletons left behind to prevent unwanted smells.

Eating Cicadas

Yes, there is a cookbook if you would like to try to catch some and cook them!

Tracking Cicadas

Help scientist by logging the cicadas you see. This is also a great way to get kids involved and help stop the fear of these relatively harmless bugs!

Last edited on 14th of May 2021