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De-Stress the Holidays

Christmas is close approaching and the holidays can be a stressful time with the food, decorations and guests. Here are ways to delegate your time wisely and keep yourself sane this holiday season.

Out of town guests:

  • Be aware of your pets and how they act with guests. Plan on where to keep them and how to keep your pet occupied. Also, ask your guests in advance if they plan on bringing a pet.
  • Keep snack and breakfast food on hand for guests, ask if they have anything specific they want or need to eat. Make sure to stock any special drinks they might want as well.
  • Before the guests arrive, wash towels, bed sheets/blankets and pillows. Make the bed and place towels in their living space so they know what to use and don’t have to ask where all those materials are.
  • If your guests have kids, you might want to grab some games, toys and books so they can stay occupied. Also, keep in mind snacks and food for them as well, ask the parents if there are any special items needed.
  • With kids, it’s nice to have a nap and sleep schedule, make sure the living space works for a small child and talk to the parents about the schedule and what works for them.
  • Think about whether you are entertaining them the entire time they are in town or if they have made plans to see other people or go to different places or amusements. If you are keeping them entertained be prepared.
  • Keep in mind if your guests are morning people or night owls. If they get up early be sure to have coffee and a coffee maker ready and put an alarm clock in their room. For night owls, have a tv in their room, maybe some books and crossword puzzles to keep them busy while they are up. Set up a schedule too for if they stay out late at night, especially if you work during the day.



  • Decorations seem more important during the Christmas season than any other. When in doubt make your own decorations, decorations can be pricey and you don’t always get what you want. Making your own can save you money and you make it exactly how you want it to look. Here are some ideas: https://www.prudentpennypincher.com/dollar-store-christmas-decor/
  • Ask for help, ask a family member, the kids or a friend for help when decorating your tree or hanging decorations up. Things will go quicker and may be more fun with another person around.
  • Lastly decorate for yourself and what you like to see in your home, don’t decorate for other people and what they’re expecting to see.

How to de-stress:

  • If you do get stressed with the holidays practice these tips:
    • Practice breathing exercises
    • Meditate
    • Pray
    • Go walking or running
    • Do something creative
    • Express your feelings
    • Take a few minutes for yourself – read a chapter in your book, watch a tv show or listen to some music and relax