Do I need a Generator?

The short answer is yes! Any home of office could benefit from having a back up generator. In years past Dayton and Cincinnati have seen a higher than usual number of storms; many of these storms have knocked out power. During a blackout or power outage, homeowners often use portable generators to provide power to their homes. When the utility power is cut off, a backup generator can immediately supply energy to your home, either automatically or manually, depending on the device. While backup generators are costly, they can save you thousands or more dollars’ worth of damage and give you peace of mind. Here are five main benefits of backup generators and tips on using them safely.

Five Benefits of Using a Portable Generator

 1.Food Preservation — If the power is out for less than four hours, the food in your fridge should be safe. However, if it’s longer than that, foods like meat and eggs get spoiled. A backup generator provides power to your fridge and prevents food from spoiling.

2.Supplies Your HVAC system — Severe storms can cause lasting power surges in your area, compromising your home’s heating, How to Use Portable Generators Safely During a Power Outage VOL. 19 NO. 08 ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. A backup generator can prevent uncomfortable temperatures in your home.

3.Powers Your Sump Pump — When flooding or other disasters hit your home, your main defense against the water is your sump pump. But if there’s no electricity powering it, your home and your bank account will suffer the consequences. Install a standby generator to avoid tremendous losses due to water damage.

4.Prevents Frozen Pipes — During a power outage in winter, there won’t be enough heat to warm up the plumbing system in your home. Pipes can freeze and burst, causing substantial water damage and costly repairs.

5.Prevents Hotel Stays and Looting — Power outages can force you to check into a hotel for several days. In addition to hotel costs, your home might be an easy target for looters who try to take advantage of the power outage.

PuroClean works with trusted and reputable partners that can help you find and install a generator. We suggest doing this prior to a storm surge! Call our office today for names or more info- 513-897-8990 or 937-401-9700.

Last edited on 26th of October 2020