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Dayton, Ohio

My family and I have recently been displaced due to a fire that damaged the majority of our apartment building. Like most head of households, I instantly panicked and claimed everything a total loss. Everything was affected by the fire from our soft goods like clothes, linens, towels etc, to our furniture. Most were severely damaged by the heavy smoke and water damage caused by the fire. PuroClean was onsite with all hands on deck to help assist all the residents with the start on our to recovery. I was in tears in my living room reflecting on how much I have invested into our home and to see it all damaged covered in black residue just brought my spirits down greatly. Megan, from PuroClean, comforted me in our time of crisis and provided me with many services from upholstery cleaning to dry cleaning, she basically saved me from spending thousands of dollars from having to replace our furniture and soft goods. She offered me special rates with the help of my insurance company, she even provided special rates for those without renters insurance providing a way for us to be relieved. I recommend Puro Clean to all homeowners, businesses operators, and renters who ever experience a fire or any property damage