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PuroClean of Natick

Needham, MA

I contacted PuroClean to address a broken pipe and flooding in my 79 year old Mom's basement. It was a major mess due to previous water damage and vast amounts of clutter and valuable items. Existing mold and the compounding effect of this event was creating a very real and major health issue. It was quite overwhelming and emotional for my mother and our family considering the amount of damage and losses. Erik and his team were there the day of the incident and then before 8am the next day to take care of the clean up. Erik was a personification of the utmost client/customer service. Extremely responsive, he took ownership and leadership of the situation, and most of all the empathy he was able to exhibit throughout the process was extremely comforting for my mother and family. I have been in client service myself for over 20 years and I wish all of my teams operated like Erik. I cannot say enough great things. thank you Erik, for everything.

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