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How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Closets

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Mold can grow anywhere in homes, including closets. Moisture can accumulate in closets, providing a breeding ground for mold growth. Thus, it is a matter of keeping the closets dry to prevent mold in closets.

Tips to prevent mold from growing in your closets:

  • Make sure that clothes are completely dry before storing them in closets. The moisture in clothing can accelerate mold growth.
  • Store only clean clothing and items in closets as dirt and other organic substances are potential food sources for mold.
  • Don’t pack clothes or other items too tightly in closets. Allow air to circulate between them to reduce moisture.
  • Avoid storing clothes in sealed containers like plastic tubs. Keep them in breathable packaging like a cotton sheet.
  • Don’t store items on the closet floor to prevent trapping moisture underneath them.
  • Choose plastic-coated wire shelves instead of solid shelves to improve air circulation.
  • Leave closets open when possible. Replace solid closet doors with louvered doors for better air circulation.
  • Avoid opening closets if they are in rooms with high humidity, particularly when producing moisture (e.g., showering or cooking).
  • Place a low-wattage light bulb in closets, at a safe distance from clothes or other flammable items. Leave the light on for several hours. The heat from the bulb helps keep the closet and the clothing dry.
  • Empty, clean, and dry closets thoroughly on occasion. Doing so ensures you keep them fresh and aired out, reducing the possibility of mold growth.
  • If you have a humidity problem in your home, use the air conditioning unit or a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air.
  • If clothes in a closet smell musty, take them out and fix the moisture problem. Learn how to remove musty smell from clothes.

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Last edited on 26th of June 2020