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Black Mold, Children and Pets – Long Term Health Considerations FAQ

Over time, black mold exposure can cause serious health problems to adults, children and pets.

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Basement Mold Removal Guidelines

Mold in the basement is a common problem due to frequent moisture problems and the lack of light and ventilation.

What Are the Most Dangerous Household Chemicals?

Although we use them every day, many cleaners and chemicals we keep in our homes can be very dangerous if splashed on the skin, inhaled or ingested.

The Top Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a widespread problem that can occur both during dry and wet weather.

Tips to Salvage Your Furniture After a Flood

Whether our furniture can be saved after a flood depends on the type of furniture you have and the magnitude of flooding.

Are You Prepared for what Hurricane Joaquin Might Bring?

Now that Hurricane Joaquin is threatening the east coast of the United States, it is important to keep in mind that the best way to combat is storm preparedness.

Did Your Washing Machine Overflow? Follow these Steps

Over time, your washing machine may experience malfunctions that can lead to an overflow.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring has arrived, which means it’s time for spring-cleaning! You may not be looking forward to spending the next few weekends removing the grime that winter left behind, but you [...]

Mold Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

Mold often grows in homes where moisture levels are not kept under control.

Smoke Alarms for People with Hearing Impairments

Smoke alarms save lives.

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