Mold removal complete.

Mold Removal in Glenview, IL Turns From Bad Luck to Happy Accident

Mold Restoration

PuroClean Disaster Services provides restoration services for water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, reconstruction, and carpet/upholstery cleaning. One of our in-demand services is mold removal.

Mold is a fungus that can grow from a group of mold spores. When there is excessive moisture on a surface, mold can thrive. A flood or a leak often creates the ideal environment for mold growth.

A property restoration company like PuroClean can help restore your home or business to a mold-free environment. Our certified mold removal specialists deliver high-quality service any day, any time.

The Beginning Steps

Our team received a call for a restoration project in Glenview, IL. The homeowner was an older woman living in an apartment complex.

The homeowner’s primary bathroom had sustained water damage behind the shower wall. The damage stemmed from a water leak in the unit above her.

Initially, the loss occurred in mid-June, and the customer contacted her insurance in July, which referred the client to us. Then, our team went to work in mid-August once the estimate was complete.

Bathroom Mold Removal in Progress

The delayed service request led to mold forming on the ceiling and walls and called for complete mold mitigation and reconstruction of the shower area and ceiling.

With the areas of the mold identified, our team went to work to complete the reconstruction. The first step was to demolish the bathroom shower bench and remove it due to its deteriorating condition.

In a twist of fate, the damage was a happy accident, as it gave the homeowner a reason to make the shower more accessible.

The shower bench that had been there previously was too high and quite slippery to be used comfortably by the homeowner. The new shower design features two handrails and a portable shower chair that’s pleasant and safe to use.

With the new design established, our highly-trained team installed our client’s new tile, bathroom door, and handrails.

Ultimately, our work concluded at the end of August, and our client was thrilled with the result. She was extremely pleased with our team and specifically recognized estimator Ryan Beardsley and our project manager, Gabby Roman, as two hardworking and kind individuals who helped throughout the stressful process. Coordinator Jamie Munoz and project manager Mitch McKnight also ensured things went smoothly throughout our work. Excellent work, everyone!

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It can be challenging to address mold removal on your own. We recommend reaching out to experienced professionals. PuroClean Disaster Services’ experts are available 24/7 to help with water and fire damage restoration. As “The Paramedics of Property Damage®,” we provide immediate service to your commercial or residential emergency. Please get in touch with us at (847) 564-4379 or visit our website.

Last edited on 14th of September 2022