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PuroBingo a PuroSuccess!


What’s better than bingo? PuroBingo! The home office staff organized the traditional game of chance and added a PuroClean twist. The fun-filled, competitive event was a great way for our insurance partners to connect and learn more about our services and expertise.

The inaugural PuroBingo round was a runaway hit, with many insurance agents in our area participating in the game and winning awesome prizes. The design was straightforward, and each participant received a card. The card’s layout had squares, each containing a PuroClean-related term. Players had to wait for the PuroBingo word of the day to be announced on social media. The first person to complete a line or the entire card would be declared the winner.

Congratulations to the following PuroBingo champions: Molly Lingl from Vincent Urban Walker and Associates Insurance, Sandra Case from AAA Green Bay, Marissa Goodness from Goodness Insurance, Lizbeth Cabrera from Delain Insurance, Katie Kovacs from AAA Green Bay, and Anne Bristol from American Family Joe Havel Agency. These winners were quick to spot the relevant terms on their bingo cards and stayed on top of it until the end!

More Than Fun and Games

However, PuroBingo wasn’t just about winning prizes. It allowed insurance agents to engage with us and our work. During the game, participants better understood our commitment to providing exceptional restoration services to our customers. Additionally, it was a creative way for agents and our team to collaborate and forge new partnerships. It was indeed a win for everyone!

Thank you to everyone who played, and we hope you had a wonderful time! It was a blast, and we can’t wait for another PuroBingo round in the future!

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Last edited on 27th of April 2023