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PuroClean Tackles a Large Loss Restoration at Robert Morris College

Fire Restoration

Recently, there was a property emergency at Robert Morris College in Downtown Chicago when a fire started in the revolving door of one of their out-of-commission buildings. The blaze activated the sprinklers on the fire suppression line. There was massive damage to the facilities. We’re proud of our capacity to handle large loss restorations, so our large loss team was called in for the restoration.

A Big Job for A Big Restoration Team

We were referred to this job from PuroClean’s sister company, Signal Restoration. The fire occurred on January 12, and they brought us in on the job the next day to begin our initial inspection. The events caused fire damage on the 1st floor and water damage to the 1st and basement floors. Each affected floor is 60,000 square feet.

It’s a very common occurrence in the event of a fire to have significant water damage afterward, as well. It seems counterintuitive to some, but when sprinkler systems and fire rescue personnel extinguish fires, they use torrential levels of water that douse and often damage the property further. This is the situation we were facing.

We began our work with the dry out and initial demolition on January 14. Because of the sheer size of this project, the work is still ongoing. We expect to be finished with the dry out by the end of January —for a total drying time of 2 weeks— at the same time, we’re discussing the handling of the reconstruction phase of the building.

Our project managers, Miguel and Mitch, have been tremendous on this job. They are leading a team of 20 crew members for this job, and their leadership has helped make progress on this restoration go smoothly. Our VP of Business Development and Sales, Stevie Martinez, has also been instrumental throughout the job process.

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Last edited on 31st of January 2022