Restoring a Medical Facility After a Water Main Break

Water Restoration

Medical facilities are obviously critical in our society. And, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the need has only increased for functioning hospitals. When a water main break occurred in a Family and Geriatric medical facility in Rolling Meadows, their property manager called us at PuroClean Disaster Services to repair the water damage and get them back in working condition.

Demolition, reconstruction, and restoration

Due to COVID-19, we had to update our protective measures for this large job. In order to ensure safety for our team, management organized routine temperature checks before any of our staff began to work every day.

Upon our initial arrival, we quickly found that a rupture in the water main was the cause of the flooding. And, the floods affected nearly 85% of the entire building, rendering roughly 14,000 square feet inoperable. Furthermore, the water main break affected both the inside and outside of the building, leading to extensive damage.

Our team began a “pack out,” which is a process of cataloging all of the items and then either moving them to a new location for restoration or properly disposing of them. Through this process, we removed the contents of the building and were cleared to begin extensive demolition to get to the source.

We then shifted our focus towards the water main, itself. To access the pipes, our crew began demolition to the inside walls and select parts of the outer structure. Using power saws and an excavator, we swiftly proceeded to locate and fix the leak.

With the water main in tact, we began restoring the facility’s walls, which were damaged by the leak and demolition. Our crew completed the restoration within 2 weeks. The property manager, the property owner, and the facility workers all thanked us for handling the job so efficiently and keeping them involved throughout the process.

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Last edited on 13th of August 2020