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PuroClean Emergency & Property Restoration Services in Canyon Lake

As leaders in the restoration industry, PuroClean provides professional restoration services in Canyon Lake and nearby areas. We currently serve Canyon Lake by providing a variety of services including local Canyon Lake water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, mold remediation and much more. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

To help you mitigate the losses after a crisis, we provide you with a network of 5 restoration experts. They have helped countless residents in or near Canyon Lake recover from disasters for the past decade. Trained at the PuroClean Academy and having achieved multiple industry certifications, our franchise owners in Canyon Lake are highly experienced in restoring disaster-struck properties.

Whether you’ve experienced flooding, fire damage, or biohazard situation, our PuroClean Restoration Specialists are always ready to come to your aid. They also coordinate with your insurance company to ensure the mitigation & restoration work goes smoothly.

For professional restoration services in Canyon Lake, TX, please scroll down or use the map to find your nearest PuroClean location.

Local Reviews

This company is awesome and know exactly what there doing. The owner Ivan really goes out of his way for his customers and makes sure their satisfied. I went through many companies getting quotes and they either were vague about what they'd be doing, would'nt get back to me on pricing or they treated me like I was just another number. I kept in touch with Ivan for awhile until all issues were fixed and we were ready for clean out to begin. He referred me to a few people who took the time and got the job done right unlike the previous companies who couldn't complete the job or didn't do it correctly (ac/roofing). Ivan always got back to me for whatever I needed. The team was just as super. We got good air results from the mold consultant and were gained clearance so we knew the job was done right.👍


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We had a problem with windblown rain getting in somewhere above our gameroom window. I tried to locate and fix it myself, and had a couple of other contractors out over the years, but nobody could figure it out. After Hurricane Harvey mold stared to appear where the water would drop down from the top of the window casing. I knew it was time to get serious, figure this thing out and fix it for good. Someone having a similar issue recommended PuroClean on Nextdoor. I called and made an appointment and met with Israel a couple of days later. Israel initially provided an estimate for treating the mold and removing the sheetrock on the front wall to see exactly what we were dealing with. Israel and his crew carefully covered everything in the room with plastic and sealed off the room. Upon removing the sheetrock they found some mold (but not as bad as expected) and some rotted wood. They cleaned the mold and we agreed to proceed with phase two which involved removing the stone around the window, replacing the window and rotted wood and putting everything back together. Israel's guys were very professional and did a great job with all of that. From replacing the window, to putting back the stone, to all of the trim and paint work inside, you would never have known any work was done at all - it all looked great. Israel was very easy to get in touch with throughout the process, he and his crew showed up when they said they would and left little to no mess when they were done. I did not get other quotes so I can't comment on the cost but it seemed very reasonable for the amount and quality of work done. I highly recommend Israel and PuroClean. Hopefully I will never need their services again, but if I ever do have any mold or water damage issues I will not hesitate to give them a call.

Austin, TX


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