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PuroClean Emergency & Property Restoration Services in Kingsbury

As leaders in the restoration industry, PuroClean provides professional restoration services in Kingsbury and nearby areas. We currently serve Kingsbury by providing a variety of services including local Kingsbury water damage restoration, smoke and fire damage restoration, biohazard cleanup, mold remediation and much more. We serve both residential and commercial clients.

To help you mitigate the losses after a crisis, we provide you with a network of 4 restoration experts. They have helped countless residents in or near Kingsbury recover from disasters for the past decade. Trained at the PuroClean Academy and having achieved multiple industry certifications, our franchise owners in Kingsbury are highly experienced in restoring disaster-struck properties.

Whether you’ve experienced flooding, fire damage, or biohazard situation, our PuroClean Restoration Specialists are always ready to come to your aid. They also coordinate with your insurance company to ensure the mitigation & restoration work goes smoothly.

For professional restoration services in Kingsbury, TX, please scroll down or use the map to find your nearest PuroClean location.

Local Reviews

PuroClean went over and beyond what I had expected. Their concern, compassion and integrity shined from start to finish. Awesome company.


Puroclean of san antonio northwest saved us. Ivan Oliver was beyond professional. We hired someone to clean my moms home which was infested with mold. The job was not done properly. Someone we know recommended Ivan Oliver with PuroClean NW. The house was completely rid of mold. Everything looked as if there was no damage. The bathrooms looked brand new. I didnt think it was possible. I actually cried with joy when I saw the end results. Don't fall for companies that say they can clean the mold from your house. We learned that getting rid of mold in your house is more complicated than cleaning. You also have to get rid of the spores. PuroClean had all the equipment to get rid of mold properly and safely. Go with someone who knows what they are doing. Use Puroclean NW. They know what they are doing.


I have often read other reviews that say if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I never believed that a company could provide such great service that would warrant more than 5 stars until now. PuroClean is an exceptional company and I would hire them again as well as share their company information with others. Ivan was here quickly while my insurance preferred provider told me they wouldn’t even come out until the repair was fixed. Ivan and Eduardo were here trying to prevent further problems, while the preferred provider was dismissive. Ivan and Eduardo answered all my questions and walked me through the process. Having them both here made a stressful situation less stressful.



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