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PuroClean Team Heads East to Help with Hurricane Recovery Efforts in New Jersey

In The Community

In the midst of natural disasters, people from all walks of life unite to help those in need. This is exactly what happened when Hurricane Henri and Ida impacted the northeast United States. Our team packed up our bags and headed east for New Jersey, where we spent a month cleaning up neighborhoods that were devastated by the storm. Hurricane recovery is tough work, but someone has to do it, right? Plus, it felt good knowing that what we helped clean up will be ready for the next natural disaster.

Lending a Hand (or 18) to Our Northeast Neighbors

When Hurricane Henri, followed a few days later by Hurricane Ida, struck the northeast, we knew we couldn’t just sit still. Led by Project Manager Mitch McKnight, we sent a five-person crew and a truckload of equipment to New Jersey to assist with hurricane recovery and cleanup. It didn’t take much time for our team to realize they would need a little more help, so we sent four additional technicians.

Our team of nine completed various jobs across New Jersey and New York. Among them, we worked with Signal Restoration, PuroClean’s large loss partners, to mitigate water damage at two national department stores. The hurricane recovery work continued at a veterinary clinic and a large condo building. Both of these also required water mitigation work. The condo building was especially bad because of its location. A hill behind the building caused a mudslide, impacting the first two floors. Over 20 units needed a full demo.

The biggest project our team completed was at a large corporate training facility in Englewood, New Jersey. The building experienced water loss, affecting the entire 75,000 square foot complex. This amount of water damage required a lot of equipment. We set up 150 dehumidifiers to dry the area. A dehumidifier, or air mover, is a piece of equipment that expedites the drying process. However, even with 150 of them set up around the building, it still took over three weeks to extract all the water.

After a month of strenuous work, all nine members of the team have safely returned home. We are proud of the compassion and commitment they showed with the hurricane recovery efforts. They were even able to take some time to visit Manhattan on the 20th anniversary of September 11 and commemorate the men and women we lost that heartbreaking day. It was, overall, a successful trip where we could lend our hands and grow in the process.

When Natural Disasters Strike, PuroClean is There to Help!

At PuroClean of Orland Park, our team of technicians is trained to handle water damage, fire damage, and other issues that come with natural disasters. We will work hard to help resolve the problem for you with compassion and (708) 409-9400.

Last edited on 26th of October 2021