PuroClean Disaster Services Responds to Vermont Flood Aftermath

In The Community

In mid-July, Vermont faced the aftermath of a major flooding event that left most of the state underwater. As a member of the PuroClean National response program, we sprang into action, sending over a dozen dedicated crew members from several of our offices to Montpelier, Vermont. This deployment showcased not only the power of collaboration across our company, but the resilience of communities in times of crisis. Over a span of three weeks, our team performed water mitigation and demolition services for several commercial properties, extending a helping hand to a city in need.

A Swift Response

When disaster strikes, timely intervention can make all the difference. The Vermont flood was no exception, prompting our quick mobilization to aid the affected areas. Recognizing the need for immediate assistance, we dispatched a dedicated team of more than twelve crew members, each armed with the expertise and determination to bring relief to those grappling with the aftermath of the flooding. This prompt response was crucial to minimizing further damage and facilitating the recovery process for businesses and institutions alike.

Our crews arrived in Vermont within hours of the initial flooding.

Assisting a Diverse Range of Properties 

The devastation caused by this flooding was indiscriminate, affecting homes and businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our team performed services for a wide range of commercial properties, from quaint boutique shops to large governmental buildings. Our crews demonstrated remarkable adaptability, working on sites that varied greatly in terms of scale and purpose. This versatility showcased the dedication of our team members and their unwavering commitment to restoring the heart of Vermont’s commercial landscape. 

Water Mitigation and Demolition Services 

As the cornerstone of our response effort, our teams engaged in a two-pronged approach that included water mitigation and demolition services. Water damage, if left untreated, can lead to long-term structural problems and health hazards. Our crew members employed advanced techniques to extract water, dry affected areas, and prevent the growth of mold and other contaminants. Additionally, for properties that suffered irreparable damage, our demolition services allowed for a clean slate, enabling swift rebuilding efforts. 

A 3-week Endeavor

The dedication of our crews was palpable throughout the entire three-week period. Working tirelessly under challenging conditions, they showcased not only their technical prowess but also their empathy and solidarity with the affected communities. By the end of our deployment, countless properties had been restored to a state of recovery, and the spirit of unity that underpinned our response effort left an indelible mark on both our team members and the people of Vermont. 

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Last edited on 9th of August 2023