How Do I Protect My Home from Flooding?

Water Restoration

Flooding is a common disaster and causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage every year, especially during the spring and during the hurricane season. Although no home can be completely protected against flooding, here is what you can do to reduce the damages in the event of a flood:

  • Repair leaky roofs and foundation cracks as fast as possible to prevent water damage and mold growth. Consider installing a rubber roof underlayment for extra protection against water. Close foundation cracks with hydraulic cement or masonry caulk that expands and completely fills gaps.
  • Learn the flood level of your home at the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website. This helps you know how high floodwaters could rise in your area, allowing you to take the necessary actions based on the information.
  • Protect the electrical and climate system of your home. Raise the wiring, sockets, circuit breakers and switches at least 1 foot above your home’s flood level.
  • Don’t forget to also elevate the furnace, water heater, air-conditioning units, generators, fuel tanks or other electrical equipment that risks being damaged during a flood.
  • Install interior and exterior backflow valves (on all pipes entering the house) to automatically prevent sewage from backing up into your home.
  • Make sure the ground slopes away from your home’s foundation. If water does not drain easily on your street after rain, consult your county planning or environmental services department to come up with a solution.
  • Install a battery-operated sump pump in your basement to quickly drain the floodwater when necessary.
  • Other solutions to consider:
    • Applying sealing materials to exterior walls
    • Raising your home columns or piers above the flood level
    • Installing foundation vents that allow water to flow through the building

Storms are common during spring and can lead to severe flooding. Follow this guide to learn how to prepare for spring storms and flooding. Here you can find tips on how to act during and after spring storms. For professional fire, water and mold restoration services, contact your local PuroClean office.

Last edited on 2nd of July 2018