Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring has arrived, which means it’s time for spring-cleaning! You may not be looking forward to spending the next few weekends removing the grime that winter left behind, but you know the result is worth it: a cleaner, brighter, fresher home. To help you get started, we put together a list of tips you can use for your annual cleaning project.

Clean light fixtures using a stepladder, sponge, all-purpose cleaner and a cloth. If you don’t own a stepladder, use an extended-reach tool. Polish light bulbs with a microfiber cloth dampened with water.

Restore wood furniture with a microfiber cloth and a mixture of ½ teaspoon of olive oil and ½ cup of vinegar or lemon juice in a spray bottle.

Clean synthetic carpeting with a shampooer or extractor. Hire a contractor for delicate carpeting.

Smooth leather can be restored with an upholstery cleaner and conditioner.

Polish stainless steel with a light mist of wax-based aerosol spray and a clean, lint-free cloth to give it a shiny look. Don’t use abrasive cleaners that might scratch or ruin the surface of stainless steel.

Wash windows on a cloudy day. Washing windows on a sunny day can dry the cleaning solution too quickly, leaving streaks on the glass. Use rubber-edged squeegees and a screw-on extension to reach high spots.

Refresh curtains by vacuuming, steam-cleaning or dry-cleaning them. You can also clean sheer curtains in the dryer on a low setting with a fabric-softener sheet.

Clean under appliances and furniture. Move heavy furniture (such as sofas and beds) and kitchen appliances just enough to vacuum the areas underneath.

Wash walls, baseboards and woodwork with a sponge and a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid. Dry the surfaces after cleaning using a piece of cloth.

Brush dust from your refrigerator’s condenser coil (typically found behind the toe grille) to prevent it from overheating. Use a long-handled bottle brush and a vacuum cleaner with an attachment hose.

Check your crawl space for any signs of water damage, mold, pest infestation, damage of windows and vents, worn out insulation, and humidity levels. Call your local PuroClean professional to investigate any signs of water damage, as this could weaken the integrity of your walls and the strength of your foundation. For signs of mold, decide if it’s something you can clean yourself, or call a PuroClean mold specialist.

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Last edited on 2nd of July 2018