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After an Unexpected Storm

What do we do after an unexpected storm? In the Portland Metro Area, we don’t see very many harsh winter storms. Strong winds, lots of rain, sure. But when it comes to ice and snow, it’s infrequent and, unfortunately, when it does, what should you do? We at PuroClean of Hillsboro have some tips to help you be more prepared for an unexpected snow and ice storm that causes damage.

Inspect the outside of your home.

It’s important to look around your home to check for any sort of debris that can potentially cause issues.

  • Is there debris on the house? Branches that may have poked through the roof?
  • Was the roof set up to help prevent ice dams- is there a lot of snow and ice up there?
  • Has a tree fallen close enough to the house that has caused potential foundation issues?

Keeping an eye on the inside- inspect the inside of your home over the next week or more.

After the storm is over, if you aren’t sure if there is damage to your home, there are things you can look for. Any unusual smells coming from closed up rooms or in general?

  • Wet patches on walls, ceilings or light fixtures?
  • Soft spots in the floor or wood floors buckling?

In case of damage, who do you call?

Much like lists for family emergency contacts, it’s always good to have a list with phone numbers for home emergencies in these unusual scenarios.

  • Emergency Restoration Company, such as PuroClean of Hillsboro
  • Your insurance agent’s name and number
  • Plumber
  • Roofer
  • Tree removal agency (if you live near or under tall trees)
  • Sewer or septic tank specialist

These tips can help prevent the panic of what to do as well as help prevent additional damage. If there is a process in place, it will make getting the people you need contacted faster which will lead to quicker turnaround times to make sure that you are back in the pre-loss condition effectively.

Along with water mitigation and storm damage, PuroClean of Hillsboro is equipped to help with so much more. We offer emergency services for damage from fire, smoke, bio-hazard and trauma cleanup, and mold.

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