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Bring the Great Outdoors to You!

When you are stuck inside and unable able go out to explore like you have before, consider bringing the great outdoors to you. There have been a lot of us limiting the time we spend outside and instead we are looking at the inside of our homes. Everything melting into the same thing and, considering, on average, we already spend 90% of our time inside, it seems like a change could be what is needed.  Since we live in the beautiful Portland Metro Area, it seems like we should bring some green scenery and fresh air back into our daily lives. Here are some ideas, from your friends at PuroClean of Clackamas/Hillsboro to help bring the great outdoors to you.

Start a garden or mini garden in your home.

  • Succulents are many lovely different shades of green. These plants are easy to grow and only need minimal amount of work but add a beautiful touch to a home.
  • Vegetables to grow on a patio or porch:
    • Vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, and strawberries are easy to grow and fun to snack on. They add good life to the home.
  • Herb gardens:
    • Basil, thyme, and rosemary are wonderful to have, bring a nice earthy fragrance. They are also a delicious fresh spice to add to your meals.

Trees inside the house or on the patio:

  • For patio trees: Dogwood, Fuchsia Tree, Japanese Maple, or Palm of various kinds.
  • For inside the home: Fig and fichus trees of various kinds, Calamondin Orange Trees
  • And for the beginner gardener, starting small can be helpful and make it a fun process with checking out these ideas to help bring the great outdoors to you!

Display fragrant plants in pots

  • To give your home and patio a true flower scents, grow lavender, jasmine, or gardenia’s. These beautiful plants grow well in pots and do well on patios. They really add a great color pop and texture to your home.

Have trouble remembering to tend to your plants?

  • There are always solutions to that as well. Pretty begonia’s or a plant aptly named ‘cast iron plant’ might be an option for you.


  • Bring birds to your patio with bird or hummingbird feeders.
  • Depending on your favorite theme, such as beach, jungle or a forest scene, add a throw blanket or two with new or redecorated pillows in various shades of green and blue. Keep it easy and keep it simple.
  • Consider lighter curtains to add more light into the home.

Freshen up your environment

  • Improve Indoor air quality with these helpful hints.
  • Clean and deodorize your home with simple tricks such as using homemade lemon infused vinegar and tips for great uses with baking soda.

In conclusion, your home can be an oasis as you bring the great outdoors to you. Make the most of the space you are in by adding a few things here and there with these tips from your friends at PuroClean of Hillsboro.

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