In The CommunityPublished May 20, 2021

Memorial Day Weekend in Portland

Memorial Day Weekend in Portland activities are up in the air yet again, but there is so much hope on the horizon. More and more places are opening up and are ready to welcome a decent sized crowd with safety precautions set in place. Your friends at PuroClean of Hillsboro have compiled a list of activities for you to consider if you aren’t sure what to do.

While this is time to get out and explore, it’s important to remember why we have this extended weekend to celebrate before summer starts. While it’s considered bad form to wish someone a “Happy Memorial Day”, it’s a good time to thank a veteran for their service, spend time with family and loved ones, and enjoy our lovely Oregon as best you can.

Ideas of Things to do this Memorial Day in Portland

Bike rides. There are a lot of public areas that are open now to the public as long as the visitors are following the park mandates. If you visit the City of Portland website it will show you popular bike paths such as the Springwater Loop, the Big Eastside Loop and more to venture on.

Picnics. There is a nice feeling to going on a picnic with family, friends or the one you love. What better way to discover some great picnic locations than with the thoughts of everyday folks? There are options such as Laurelhurst Park, Washington Park located near the International Rose Test Garden, or Sellwood River Front. These and other popular picnic sites in the Portland Metro Area you can find via Yelp.

Camping Trips and More!

Camping Trips. Looking for local places around the Portland Metro Area for various activities? How about local locations such as Oxbow Park out in Gresham? Or Silver Falls campground that also boasts some great hiking as well as camping? There are many other places for a camping trip for yourself, friends or family!

Hiking or a nice walk. Whether you are a serious hiker or just like to go on leisurely long nature walks, there are some really great places around the Portland Metro Area. Trails around the Hoyt Arboretum, near the Pittock Mansion, and beyond. has 191 hiking and walking trails around the Portland Metro Area to check out.

There are also beautiful hiking spots outside the Portland Metro Area if you are up for a trip to Southern or Eastern Oregon.

Slightly Outside of Portland

The Beach. The therapeutic sound of waves could be what you and your group could use. Whether it’s a day trip or an overnighter, there are so many options. If you visit Trip Advisor for some beach ideas, they can help curate a trip almost as if it were a ‘choose your own adventure’ book.

Mt. Hood. An hour or so outside east of Portland lies our lovely Mt. Hood. Great views, great hiking and exploring, restaurants, and picnic areas. There are events being held up in the Mt. Hood Territory over Memorial Day that might be worth checking out for 2021.

From your friends at PuroClean of Hillsboro, there is so much to see and do right here in the Portland Metro Area on this Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s also remember the ones who have fallen and, in their honor, live and explore this wonderful place we live.

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