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Published July 19, 2021

Fire and Fire Damage Prevention In Your Home

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of 358,300 home-related fires are reported each year in the US. Fire can cause devastation, apart from causing damage to your home, it can also cause severe injuries or even deaths, especially when you’re not prepared.

Unfortunately, many people in the US, including North Raleigh, lack general tips and ideas on fire protection and fire damage prevention. Fire damage in your home can be emotionally devastating and costly. To prevent such a disaster and permanent damage to your property, contact fire damage restoration professionals at Puro Clean in North Raleigh, North Carolina.

More importantly, you should have knowledge of fire damage prevention to help save your valuables, save you from costly repairs, and save lives in case of fire. Below are some of the best ways you can prevent fire damage, save your home and protect yourself and your family.

Fire Damage Prevention Tips

Ensure Cooking Safety

The major cause of home fires is cooking. To prevent fire damage due to cooking, make sure you don’t leave cooking food unattended. Always turn of the stove or have another person in the kitchen if you must leave. Also, never use the stove when under the influence of alcohol or lack the energy to cook. This is important as it only takes a few seconds for a fire to break out.

Install Smoke Alarms

Early detection of smoke can help save your property from fire damage and ensure the safety of your family. So, install smoke alarms on all levels of your house including inside every bedroom and sleeping areas.

Test Your Smoke Alarm

It is also equally important to test your home’s smoke detectors regularly to ensure they’re working properly. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month and the batteries changed twice every year. It would also be best to consider replacing the alarm after every 10 years.

Install the Right Fire Extinguishers

Make sure your home has fire extinguishers to prevent small fires from developing into a big one. Proper care should be taken when choosing fire extinguishers as there are different types for different kinds of fires. Consider installing fire sprinkler systems in your home, including the kitchen and garage since they’re effective when it comes to containing or even extinguishing a fire without causing water damage to your property.

Trust Puro Clean for All Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs

Fire damage to your North Carolina home or business should be dealt with right away. This means contacting a reliable fire damage restoration company, such as Puro Clean to clean and restore your property.

Puro Clean is strategically located in North Raleigh, North Carolina, making it a perfect option for residents looking for fire damage restoration and prevention services. Our office is open 24 hours for seven days a week and we always respond fast even if the fire has been extinguished since we understand any delays can cause permanent damage.

Our highly trained and certified technicians will assess the extent of fire damage to your home or business and perform all the necessary fire damage restoration work to get your house back to normal. The technicians will handle your belongings with great care and are always ready and willing to listen to your concerns.

Puro Clean Fire Mitigation Services

Some of the smoke and fire damage prevention services we offer residents in North Raleigh include;

Emergency sanitation and cleaning

We remove any soot, smoke, dust, and dirt on surfaces and items in your home and properly clean and sanitize it.

Temporary Protection/Board ups

Fire can cause damages to different parts and areas in your home or business, such as windows and roof. To provide temporary protection, Puroclean of North Raleigh will border up your home’s doors and windows and tarp any affected roofs.

Carpet and Pad Removal

After a fire, carpets are often damaged by soot which makes them not restorable. In such situations, we help remove the carpets and padding if it cannot be uninstalled.

Smoke odor removal

Using the latest equipment, such as foggers, ozone generators, and hydroxyl generators, our technicians remove any smoke smell in your home. This leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.

Puff-back cleaning

We also offer puff-back cleaning services, which usually occurs when your furnace gets broken and discharges debris and soot all at once. In such cases, we help clean up any soot and debris from the furnace in a professional and timely manner.

Property and contents cleaning

After a fire, our technicians in South Carolina will help remove anything that needs to be taken out of your home including furniture and furnishings. They’ll also clean and restore all the affected items inside or outside your house, depending on the available space.


After we’re done with restoring your fire damaged items, our construction team will repair any damage to your house and restore it to its previous condition.

Do’s and Don’ts In Case of Fire

What to Do

The first thing to do after fire breaks out is to evacuate the house. Next, you should contact Puro Clean of North Raleigh for fire damage restoration services.

What Not To Do

Some of the things that you shouldn’t do after a house fire include;

• Use furniture and carpets affected by the fire

• Consume any food affected by soot

• Switch on electrical appliances before the threat has been properly addressed

• Attempt to wash the soot yourself

Frequently Asked Questions On Fire Damage Prevention

Some of the frequently asked questions on fire prevention by Puro Clean customers in North Carolina include;

What I can do to know the cost of restoring my fire damaged house?

The best way to know the cost is to contact Puro Clean for a free estimate of their fire damage restoration services in North Carolina.

Will my insurance policy cover a house fire?

Whether or not your insurance will cover a house fire will depend on your policy. For instance, if it’s covered, your insurance provide will take care of all costs associated with fire damage restoration up to your policy’s limit.

What can I do if a fire occurs late at night and need help?

Puro Clean’s office in North Raleigh, North Carolina is open 24 hours, seven days a week and always available to respond to your call for restoration services no matter the time or day. So, you’ll have no problem or delays trying to reach them for assistance.

Why Choose Puro Clean Of North Raleigh For Fire Damage Prevention

They maintain Ongoing Communication

Puro Clean always maintain ongoing communication with the customers and their insurance providers. This helps them know what’s happening and what to expect on every step of the process.

They are Quick and Responsive

Quickly respond to calls, preventing permanent damage to your property. They understand the huge impact quick response can have in the event of fire in your home.

They are Certified and Experienced Technicians

They have a team of fully trained and certified professionals in fire damage prevention. This makes Puro clean exceptionally qualified to restore property after smoke damage.

They Use State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Puro clean makes use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, to ensure effective cleaning of affected areas which helps increase the chance of saving your valuables without having to replace them.

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