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Tips And Tricks For Mold Remediation Services In South Fulton

Whether it’s the patchy black spots on your bathroom walls or the slimy white areas on your basement floors, the presence of molds can be very displeasing to the sight. Despite being tagged as a minor occurrence, mold can sometimes cause allergic reactions and irritate your nose, eyes, and, most significantly, your lungs.

Mold removal situations become critical because indoor air quality is quite necessary for an optimal level of living. If one lets mold linger and gets out of hand, it can create a whole host of financial and health issues that can last for quite a while. One may recover from the financial problems with a bit of hard work and dedication over time but may not be able to do the same with their health.

Further, people with sensitivity issues may experience sneezing, difficulty breathing, and runny nose due to the allergic effects of mold. 

But what causes the rise of significant mold, and when should you consider mold cleanup?

High humidity and moisture are the major cause of mold growth in the environment. It allows mold and upcoming mold spores to grow and concentrate in areas like the bathroom, drainage areas, basement, and other areas with constant moisture and water presence.

Mold growth is natural and should be limited to the outer region; it becomes a problem when they begin to grow in your comfort zone.

Although there are several DIY methods available on the internet that promises to get rid of their presence, the only trusted process of getting rid of mold in your apartment is the special services of mold remediation companies. If you noticed any mold growth in your apartment, here are some tips to help you manage them before the arrival of a mold remediation service. These tips should be applied even after getting rid of their growth to avoid them returning.

If you are looking to work with a mold remediation service, then reach out to PuroClean of Wolf Creek today. Our mold remediation service prides itself on providing massive value and negating your mold problem as quickly as possible. We have been in the mold problem resolution business for a while and are pleased to serve as many people as possible with our company solutions in South Fulton.

Tips for Mold Growth in the Basement and Crawlspaces

Most basements are usually uninhabited, cold, and dark. The environment creates a very suitable medium that permits the growth of molds, and the basement is usually the last place you check for growth.

Remember to watch out for issues here and remove moldy surfaces as quickly as possible not to have to deal with mold damage.

Where are some other places that you should look and be aware of in your remediation journey?

Fill Foundational Cracks

The more houses age, the more likely the foundation cracks; these cracks in the foundation often come along with water leakages, and the water damage provides an avenue for the growth of molds. Filling these cracks with concrete and other hard materials will destroy the present molds and their mold spores.

Invest in Sump Pumps if you have Flooded Basements

A sump pump is designed for basements prone to flooding; it ejects water from the basements into the drainages. Since evaporation is almost impossible in basements, there will be wet drywalls and musky scents that favor the growth of molds on the walls, floors, and hidden surfaces.

Invest in anti-mildew paints

As their name suggests, anti-mildew paints are fungicidal protective coatings use on surfaces to kill the growth of pre-existing fungi, mildew, moss, and molds. Paint all the corners and walls of your basements to kill the growth of molds and prevent the growth of their spores.

Convert your basements into a functional room

Rather than leaving it empty and useless, convert it into a functioning room. It can be turned into the kids’ room, playground, studio, closet, exercise rooms, and so on. Molds rarely thrive in areas with constant human activities. This is usually because humans would want to make sure they keep their places relatively clean and watch for mold problems either directly or indirectly.

If you see mold growth and seek to remove mold as quickly and efficiently as possible, reach out to us at PuroClean of Wolf Creek to conduct remediation services. We will assess the mold problems and deal with them as soon as possible.

Tips for molds in the bathroom

Molds concentrate in areas like the water outlet holes and leaking bathroom pipes. They are often unnoticeable until they multiply in millions. Molds are hard to get rid of in the bathroom because it has the constant supply and use of water.

If you find that this is the case in your home as well, make sure to follow a few of these tips to conduct preventative actions.

Ensure your Bathroom is Well Ventilated

Most bathrooms have small windows, while some have none at all. The lack of ventilation permits moisture to linger in the atmosphere, most especially after taking hot baths. Create spaces for windows to allow proper ventilation into the bathroom, which will, in turn, reduce the moisture content of the atmosphere and eventually reduce molds growth.

Repair any Faulty Pipe in Your Bathroom and Invest in High-Quality Pipes

Have you noticed that the constant slow trickling of water from a particular pipe or pipes has gathered many black molds underneath? Repair these pipes and ensure you invest in high-quality pipes and plumbing services in the future.

Tips for Mold Growth in the Kitchen 

The kitchen is also one of the places in an apartment with a high chance of mold growth. It is also one of the worst places as foods are prepared here, and there is an increased risk of contamination. 

Repair faulty sinks

Faulty sinks are perfect for growing mold, and this is because the dirty water going out to the outlet drainage drips all over the walls and floors and encourages the growth of molds. Ensure you repair any faulty sink and leaking pipes.

Clean ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances

Do you know molds also grow on foods and appliances like fridges? Yes, that forgotten pie behind the oven or that unfinished lasagna at the end of the refrigerator might be the source of that horrible smell. Make sure you clean your appliances periodically to remove mold and avoid their growth.

As you can see, regular cleanup on wood surfaces and other areas is necessary to watch out for to maintain your health and your finances. In most cases, as long as you are staying on top of moldy problems by yourself, you will not have to reach out to professionals. The issue arises when significant mold events take place and affect the air, the drywall, and other areas, requiring professionals.

Tips for Mold Growth in Your Rooms 

Mold growth in rooms screams dirt and cleanliness; they are sources of embarrassment and often give off and odors. The presence of mold substances can instantly finish the beauty of an apartment and most times go unnoticeable until they begin to smell.

Avoid Drywalls As Much As Possible

Drywalls are common building materials made from calcium sulfate used in building houses, floors, and walls. It is preferred because of its accessible installation features and low price. But do you know drywalls permit the growth of molds?

Once they come into contact with water constantly, they permit mold growth. Rather than investing in drywall, invest in concrete and concrete building materials.

Invest in HEPA vacuums

Highly Efficient Particulate Vacuums are special vacuums capable of filtering and trapping minute particles in the air. They are capable of trapping tiny particles like mold spores in the air. They are very effective and can remove 90% of first and spores.

Reach Out To PuroClean of Wolf Creek for A Restoration Process that Works

As an owner, ensure you constantly check every inch of your home for new changes. Most reported cases of mold growth could have been avoided if they were dealt with earlier. 

When you suspect mold growth in your South Fulton home, call an expert at PuroClean of Wolf Creek in Atlanta, GA to quickly control the situation. Our experts understand what we must do and will have the right gear, the equipment, and overall wear for the job at hand. We will use our knowledge and experience to scrub, use the right detergent, and proper sanitary measures to ensure that the contaminated area is something that you will not have to worry about going forward.

If you suspect issues related to a moldy wall or wood or see that it looks like it is spreading, do not hesitate to reach out to our company at PuroClean of Wolf Creek today.

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