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Seamless Partnerships With Insurance Agents Improve Services And Bottom Line

Let’s face it, property damage claims are a problem for everyone!  The owner doesn’t want it, the insurance company doesn’t want it, and the agent is stuck in the middle.  Because of our total-care approach, California-based insurance agents and homeowners consistently recommend PuroClean Emergency Services as a “trusted solution” following the reporting of possible property damage. When the property has an unquestionable emergency, contacting our offices can take out the costly delays associated with traditional claims reporting and response.  We are “The Paramedics of Property Damage” and respond immediately.  This results in faster emergency response and probable reduction in the cost of the claim.  After all, delaying a response for water damage increases the cost of the claim almost every time.  And even if this time is irrelevant, a partnership with agents in the San Diego area means that claims are processed with fewer problems and interruptions, and PuroClean is less costly most of the time.  This puts your policy holder back to normal in the least amount of time with the fewest complications and at the lowest cost.

But in many cases, uncertainties of the damage or situation delay the property owners action to open an insurance claim in a timely manner.  Maybe because of high deductibles, previous claim history, or just plain uncertainty about the problem causes them to procrastinate reporting a problem.  Or maybe they call the agent and the agent can’t determine if the issue is something worth a claim.  PuroClean Emergency Services is always there to check and advise.  We can typically determine the likely cause of the problem and estimate what it will take to put it back to normal.

PuroClean Emergency Services is approved for insurance work by virtually all insurance companies; we are a preferred services company by many of the nation’s largest insurance carriers.  Most claims are processed direct with your insurance company for the emergency services – we bill them direct. We use “insurance approved Xactimate” systems to streamline the claim processing and settlement.  This means your client can get their property back and return to their normal life routines with the least amount of inconvenience and stress.  No one wants a property damage incident.  But when it happens, PuroClean Emergency Services is there to help your customer and you!

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.

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