An apartment slab leak caused a significant amount of damage.

What Lies Below: Apartment Slab Leak Seeps Into Residential Kitchen

Water Restoration

Water damage can be subtle, out of sight until it strikes. Take, for example, an apartment slab leak. When copper pipes beneath your apartment’s concrete foundation spring a leak, your home’s flooring gets soaked, mold can grow, and your water bill soars–a catastrophe!

But here’s the real kicker: the water from an apartment slab leak isn’t just regular water. This type of water often contains a concoction of hazardous and inorganic matter. That means any damage your home endures transforms into a category two loss, putting your family’s health on the line.

Apartment Slab Leak Troubles

When a desperate call came in from a distressed couple in San Diego, we sprang into action without hesitation. Water drenched their kitchen and dining room, and they needed help fast. Our IICRC-certified technicians arrived at the scene armed with moisture meters and high-tech infrared cameras.

As we investigated, it became evident that the water damage extended beyond the surface. The drywall, insulation, baseboards, and laminate flooring were all affected. Additionally, our assessment revealed this was a category two loss. Time was most definitely not on our side, so we sprang into action.

A Home Rescue

With precision and care, our team diligently cleared away any obstacles hindering our progress, creating a clean space in the affected area. Once it was ready, we set up a protective containment zone, securing the rest of the home to guarantee the safety of everyone involved.

However, before we could begin removing building materials, we had to ensure that no further issues would stand in our way. Given that the apartment unit shared four walls with neighboring units, and considering the complex’s age, we conducted a thorough asbestos test.

While this did add some extra time to our schedule, ensuring the safety of our team and residents was our top priority. Fortunately, the test results delivered the news we hoped for: they were negative.

Our state-of-the-art machines expedited the drying process significantly (L). Our skilled technicians carefully removed building materials (R).

Determined, we cleared out the water-damaged materials in the kitchen and dining room in earnest. This included removing the drywall, ceiling drywall, insulation, laminate flooring, and baseboards. To restore the space, our experienced technicians strategically positioned an industrial-strength dehumidifier and five air movers, working tirelessly to dry out the remaining structure.

After we thoroughly dried the exposed structure, we sprayed an anti-microbial solution to prevent any unwanted mold growth. Our team’s dedication paid off, as we completed the work in just five days. The couple returned to their San Diego home safely to enjoy their restored comfort.

Hats off to our fantastic team for their outstanding work and unwavering professionalism on the job!

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Last edited on 6th of November 2023