An infrared camera identifies the damage from an upstairs kitchen sink leak.

Drip, Drop, Disaster: Kitchen Sink Leak Damages Clairemont Home

Water Restoration

Dealing with water damage is undoubtedly challenging, especially when it’s out of our control. Whether it’s a full-fledged flood or the result of a small kitchen sink leak, the impact can be both immediate and lasting.

The type of water can also worsen the damage. Water containing chemical, biological, or physical contaminants introduces a new concern known as category-two water damage. In these instances, a quick and decisive response is necessary.

Kitchen Sink Leak Surprise

A Clairemont family recently contacted us about a water damage emergency after discovering their upstairs kitchen sink had leaked. Upon our arrival, our team of IICRC-certified technicians got to work using advanced infrared cameras and moisture meters to assess the situation.

The damage was substantial, as water infiltrated multiple sections of the home. The main level suffered the most, including the kitchen, living room, hallway bathroom, hallways, bedroom closets, and the primary bedroom. The second floor experienced a similar misfortune, with the water impacting the living room, hallways, dining room, and kitchen.

Unfortunately, our assessment soon revealed that the leaked water was identifiable as gray water, escalating the situation to a category-two water loss. We began our restoration work urgently.

The Restoration Begins

Before our team could dive into the restoration process, we carefully packed and secured the family’s belongings per our pack-out procedure. Once we safely transported their possessions to our facility, we removed all affected materials from the home, including drywall, ceiling drywall, insulation, baseboards, tile flooring, cabinetry, and vanities, during the abatement phase.

We used an impressive arsenal of 23 industrial air movers and three dehumidifiers from there. After thoroughly drying the remaining exposed structure, we applied an anti-microbial spray to prevent any future mold growth.

We placed specialized equipment throughout the home to accelerate the drying.

Our dedicated team completed the massive undertaking in six days, preparing the home for the upcoming reconstruction phase and setting the family up for restoration success. Kudos to our crew for a job well done!

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Last edited on 27th of November 2023