When The Sink Overrunneth, The Water Damage Cometh

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When people want to pull out all of the stops, they like to say, “throw everything but the kitchen sink at it.” It’s a strange idiom, but what happens when that sink starts to ‘throw things back at you?’ More specifically, what if the sink starts to overflow and water flows wildly throughout your home? Well, this happened recently to a client living in Mission Valley, and they called us to solve(th) the problem!

Let That Sink In!

We arrived on-site to inspect the damage and evaluate the best way to handle the restoration. The inspection revealed that the source of the problem was an obstruction in a drain in one of the sinks in the upstairs units. Unfortunately, as it usually doesn’t, the water didn’t remain in just that unit, and our client’s kitchen was greatly affected as a consequence.

For this restoration, we knew we’d have to perform some significant demolition. The entire kitchen ceiling needed to be removed, as well as all of the upper cabinets. We also had to remove sections of drywall and the wood floors around the kitchen island and on the stairs. The ceiling had two layers of drywall which were screwed into each other and were difficult to remove.

We then set up air movers and containment areas to prevent the moisture from spreading any further. After we completed the drying of the affected areas, then replaced the drywall, floors, and cabinets. The project took us 5 days to complete, and the client was very pleased with the work we did for them.

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Last edited on 22nd of September 2021

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