Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Restoration and Mold Damage Removal Services in La Jolla, CA

PuroClean (serving La Jolla, CA) is a property damage restoration company and a leader in their field that specializes in property abatement and re-construction services. We take pride in helping families, individuals and businesses recover from the ravaging effects of water, fire, mold and other conditions that lead to property damage. We have put together a “Certified Priority Response” program that we work by strictly to aid in lowering insurance claim costs and raising client approval. We follow certain protocols, stern certification standards, and make certain work scopes are clear cut and agreed upon and pre-approved by both parties. We are available 24/7 and respond to all calls expeditiously with compassion and respect!

PuroClean of La Jolla, CA prides itself on the ability to respond rapidly to water damage issues and emergencies in La Jolla, CA and surrounding areas. We understand that water damage can be caused by all kinds of issues ranging from leaky faucets to something more serious like frozen or burst pipes. Your home is in good hands with our experienced and trained technicians. Our goal here at PuroClean of La Jolla, CA is to prevent any further problems and avoid risk of mold that could affect the structure of your property. Don’t wait to contact us anytime at (858) 869-1313.

Local Property Damage Restoration Services in La Jolla, CA

We are your neighbor – serving La Jolla, CA – we are the local specialists that helps individuals, families and companies throughout La Jolla, CA get back to life after suffering property damage.

Our services include water damage restoration, fire & smoke mitigation, mold remediation, biohazard & virus sanitation, and much more. The love for our work and the quality of our finished product has earned us a trusted reputation in La Jolla, CA and beyond. Open and clear communication is a top priority to us, because we want everyone involved to understand what is happening, what to expect, and what needs to be done in order to overcome the loss.

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Water damage restoration in La Jolla, CA

The PuroClean method of water damage repair is different from our competition. We utilize the PuroClean QuickDry System™ to save and restore lives and premises. We perform this work within the shortest possible time and at far better prices than the usual drying system of most competitors. Our professional water damage restoration services have allowed us to gain the trust of service providers, property managers, homeowners and insurance agents throughout La Jolla, CA. It is our duty to keep you and your insurance company informed of each step we take. PuroClean wants all individuals involved to fully be aware of what is happening, what to expect, and what to do. We utilize the latest, state-of-the-art equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and cleaning. PuroClean technicians are dedicated to restoring your space with the least possible disruptions, so you can get back to your regular routine.

Call the experts at PuroClean, serving La Jolla, CA if your home floods or experiences other water damage. We’re available 24/7. Floods will often result in water damage to homes, which may appear on the surface as a minor problem, but can quickly escalate into needless, extensive damage to both property and health. Timing is critical to reducing additional damage. PuroClean’s licensed and trained techs work compassionately, professionally and quickly to contain the water first. Call us today at (858) 869-1313!

Trust PuroClean for your Water Damage Restoration in La Jolla, CA

Our PuroClean QuickDry System™: In order to make sure that we are able to dry and restore as much of your water damaged property as possible, we use advanced applied psychrometric science that enables us to quickly and properly handle the temperatures and dehumidification process.

During Our Water Damage Restoration Process: Our IICRC certified PuroClean, serving La Jolla, CA water damage restoration technicians ensure that the damage caused by water to your property – the damage that can be seen and is hidden, is restored, they do this while keeping a high level of care for your property and belongings.

Fire damage restoration in La Jolla, CA

Timing is a key factor after a fire is extinguished. The damage caused by the fire continues to spread long after the fire is extinguished. It is a little known fact that a quick response can save tremendous time and money. Therefore, fire and smoke damage restoration must begin as hastily as possible. So please don’t delay in contacting PuroClean! Upon receiving your call, we get to work immediately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. Remember, fire and smoke damage continues until PuroClean starts the restoration process – which we will begin expeditiously once you contact us!

Mold removal services in La Jolla, CA

It has long been understood that mold can lead to serious health problems. Usually, mold occurs from hidden water damage, or damages from water that wasn’t properly repaired. PuroClean offers complete mold removal services to fully eradicate all mold, and most importantly, find and fix the source of the water, if it’s actually related to water damage. Included in our method is fully cleaning and sanitizing your property, along with getting rid of mold odors, and returning your project to its pre-mold condition. Mold removal is an important and detailed process, requiring special certifications or licensing. You can depend on PuroClean to have the knowledge, tools and technology to correctly and efficiently finish your project.

Choose PuroClean for your property restoration needs

PuroClean is certified, licensed and insured in order to perform mold removal in biohazard environments, all while maintaining accordance with the required laws and standards. We are fully aware that certain projects may be super sensitive and handled with compassion and caution. We will go the extra mile to treat everyone with respect and care, whether we’re working for a company’s property, or families and individuals.


Is my loss a covered claim?

[VIDEO] It depends on your specific policy. Call your insurance agent and/or adjuster to find out if the loss is covered in your policy. [...]

What should I do after a flood or sewage or water leak?

[VIDEO] First, contact a water-damage restoration company, such as PuroClean, as soon as possible. Don’t wait, as water can cause mold and irremediable damage to the wood, walls, and carpet [...]

Can warranty cover water damage?

Warranties offer a variety of coverages. Check your warranty and/or call the “help” number for the company offering the warranty. [...]

Is black mold dangerous?

Yes! Black mold not only causes structural damage to buildings, exposure to black mold can cause numerous respiratory, neurological, and other health issues. [...]

Why is my property monitored so often?

Daily monitoring is one important aspect of the process. Industry Best Practices require this monitoring to insure that the drying process is proceeding properly. [...]

If your home or business suffers property damage in La Jolla, CA, call PuroClean of Clairemont!

PuroClean’s damage restoration team in La Jolla, CA

Tyrone Thomas, Jr. - Owner/President

“I personally have had experience with property damage. One month after moving into my newly purchased condo, there was a really hard rain which caused a roof leak. My two bedrooms, a hallway, and a stairwell were all affected by water damage. I had to build containments, remove drywall and insulation, then put dehumidifiers and air movers in place to properly dry the structure. Unfortunately, at the time, our homeowners’ associations Insurance had denied the claim filed under the master policy, so all costs became owner responsibility. I personally know the difficulties and the stress caused by property damage. My professional team at PuroClean of Clairemont, San Diego, CA, will take care of your restoration needs and navigate through the insurance process.”

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