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Leaving Town For Thanksgiving?

Water Restoration

Many Spokane locals are leaving town for Thanksgiving.  While fall weather has been cold but uneventful, don’t let this deter you from preparing your home for your absence.

Most of us are aware of the need to ensure windows and doors are secured, mail is stopped and that a few interior lights are left on to make the house look “lived-in” while we’re away.  However many of us overlook these simple additional steps to protect our homes from major damage should the weather turn stormy:

  • Turn off the main water supply. If the power goes out and your heat is off for several days, burst water pipes could go undetected causing major water damage to your home.*
  • Clear your gutters of debris. If ice accumulates in the gutters, the risk of ice dams increases causing damage to your roof, ceilings and walls.
  • Check your insurance policy for coverage. If you are away for extended periods, insurance companies often require someone to look in on the property at regular intervals.
  • Make sure a trusted neighbor knows how to contact you in the event of an emergency at your property.

PuroClean of North Spokane wants to help you avoid emergencies caused by water damage this holiday season.  With just a few extra steps, restoration services can be avoided and you can travel without worrying about your home.


*Do not turn off the supply to an interior fire sprinkler system.  If you have steam heat, consult an HVAC professional.

Last edited on 9th of November 2019