PuroClean of Springfield has an incredible team of highly skilled people dedicated to help each of our customers during times of crisis, traumas, or emergencies. In our opinion, we have the best staff in the Northern Virginia area. In this blog, we’d like to introduce our Estimator / Compliance Manager – Hope Brinson.

Hope was born in Remington, Virginia. She enjoys reading and writing, and especially loves journaling. During her school years, she was very active in sports, enjoying soccer the most. She excelled in school academically and graduated a year ahead of schedule. Hope comes from a big family having 5 siblings and enjoys spending time with them as much as she can.

At PuroClean, Hope writes all our final estimates for each completed job as well as prepares preliminary estimates for upcoming work. She ensures that all estimates are in compliance within the guidelines set forth by the various agencies and companies we work with. She also keeps our entire staff aware of any agreement changes that may occur, and communicates with our field crews on each project, keeping each job updated in our database and systems.

Hope communicates with the insurance adjusters, too, to maintain millstones and compliance tasks throughout the entire process of each project. Her attention to detail and skill in communicating help to ensure that each project stays in compliance and on track. She also helps train new personnel on the different systems that we utilize in our daily work flow.

Hope has been with PuroClean for less than a year. And even though new to this industry, she has demonstrated an eagerness to learn and has grasped the information quickly, allowing her to excel in her position. This is not surprising to us because before coming to PuroClean, Hope was the manager of a local Subway store, managing 10 employees at only 16 years old!

Hope has been a great addition to PuroClean with her creativity and persistence as well as her organization and communication skills. And though an independent worker, she loves to work as a team, building upon each other’s ideas and thoughts. She has also expressed that PuroClean is like a family, allowing each person that works here a chance to learn and grow as a person, and not just an employee.

Hope is just one of the many professional and skilled staff we have working at PuroClean. When looking for an experienced restoration company, look for one that not only has a record of excellence and efficiency, but one that truly cares for their customers. PuroClean is that company! You can trust us to help bring your business or home back to its pre-loss condition while bringing you peace of mind. Call PuroClean of Springfield today!

Last edited on 14th of April 2022