COVID and Dog Droppings Cleanup

A Two-Fer: Stuart Home Needs Both COVID-19 Sanitization and Pet Cleanup

The coronavirus pandemic has hit Florida especially hard. As of January 29th, there have been a reported 1.69 million cases in the state alone. But unfortunately, it can be easy to forget that every point of data represents an actual person. In our own neighborhood, recently, a father contracted COVID-19 and was forced to leave his dogs at home alone when he went to the hospital. Luckily, a family member called PuroClean to provide sanitation of the home, for both coronavirus and biohazard cleanup, as he recovered.

COVID-19 and Dog Droppings Make For Double The Cleaning

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for disinfectant sanitations has understandably increased. When coronavirus affected a local homeowner in Stuart, he had to leave for the hospital with no notice. His two dogs had remained inside the house for four days, when someone finally called us for cleanup help.

Apparently, other companies she reached out to wouldn’t take on the job. The delicate situation meant providing COVID-19 cleaning, as well as cleaning up significant pet waste. Luckily, we at PuroClean of Stuart love dogs and we’re always here to help rescue properties, so we were more than happy to assist our neighbor.

The volume of liquid and solid dog waste was the most pressing matter at hand. Our technicians always wear full PPE for biohazard cleanups, and coronavirus sanitations, so this was not a problem. We scrubbed, cleaned, mopped and sanitized the floors and surfaces, before moving on to the COVID sanitizing.

Our crew began the disinfecting process of every surface and high-touch item, using approved spray disinfectant and commercial-grade cleaning supplies. The house had hardwood floors throughout, which did make it a little easier to disinfect. We handled the entire cleaning process in just a few hours, which allowed some caring dog-loving people to come back into the property to take care of the dogs. The family gave us a heartfelt thank you for a job well done!

Call PuroClean of Stuart for Coronavirus Deep-Cleaning

Unfortunately, the pandemic is far from over and our state is still a hotspot for infections. If you need professional coronavirus cleaning, call us 24/7 at (772) 763-1313. We provide deep mitigation cleaning of all touch-point surfaces, along with using EPA-registered disinfectants.

Last edited on 2nd of February 2021