Success Story

Providing Compassion and Peace of Mind During an Emotional Time

Type of Venue:

Family Home

Type of Loss:


Project Description:

In early 2017, a gentleman in the suburbs of Chicago, IL was having a very bad week. His son had just been put in jail and his mother had passed away. On top of all of that, his son’s roommate had committed suicide in their shared apartment. His family looked to him to clean up the blood that was spattered throughout the bathroom – on the mirror, the door, the tub, the floor, and the walls. The man needed some weight taken off of his shoulders, and fast.

PuroClean Intervention

Keegan Trudgen, a PuroClean franchise owner in the Chicago area, was called in and immediately sprang into action, liaising with the customer’s insurance adjuster to get approval to proceed with the cleanup job.

Keegan and his team follow OSHA safety standards through, a blood-borne pathogen training and compliance, written exposure control program. It includes training and use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hazard assessment, communication training, and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) compliance. The EPA and some state agencies also have strict environmental safety procedures for biohazard cleanup.

Adhering to their training, the team took the following steps to clean up the damaged area of the property:

  1. Cleaned up blood –In disposing of the blood and bodily fluids, special care was taken to ensure safety. All contents were put in specially labeled buckets and dropped off at an incinerator.
  2. Removed odors – After the bodily fluids were properly and safely removed, the PuroClean technicians used proven odor removal techniques. Wherever there was a soaked-in or lingering odor, they scrubbed and cleaned the surface with special chemicals.
  3. Repaired property damage – Because they had to remove drywall when cleaning the blood in the bathroom, the PuroClean technicians reconstructed the wall, bringing the space back to pre-loss condition.

Biohazard cleanup requires an extra level of compassion and empathy from franchise owners. When dealing with suicides, property owners are often left in an emotional state of mind due to the tragic nature of the events leading up to the need for biohazard cleanup services. The work is rewarding, but in addition to restoring property that is deemed unsafe, the technicians and franchise owners must provide peace of mind to those affected by the damage.

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