PuroClean Property Restoration Services

24/7 Emergency Response (813) 982-4141

A Systematic Property Damage Restoration Approach.

Our team is trained to the highest levels in the restoration and remediation industry, including many IICRC certifications.  They identify the correct approach and method to tackle your water, fire or mold damage from their arsenal of solutions and always keep you, the client, informed as to how the work is progressing.  We understand that what has happened to you is stressful and a disruption to your everyday lives and we are here to compassionately and professionally help. PuroClean Property Restoration Services will do everything possible to alleviate the stress and disruption to your lives and will quickly bring you back to normalcy.

Our personal service is second to none. We ensure that our clients are given all of the information they require to make an informed decision on what remediation work is best for them. We work hard to communicate with their insurance company to remove that additional stress on our clients.

Property Damage Restoration is More than a Technical Problem

Tampa customers appreciate a predictable, systematic recovery process, with our team promptly answering questions and giving consistent updates on progress towards normalcy. Our role is beyond just repairing the property – it’s also repairing lives. Customers just call us at (813) 982-4141 or email us at dhughes@puroclean.com. We will respond rapidly your call for water, fire and mold related crisis. Our goal is to contain the damage to the “wounded” property and facilitate the healing process.

What makes us different is our quick response and compassion. We understand that some of the situations we deal with are very traumatic to our clients, and we ensure that they are fully informed throughout the whole process. We guide them if additional help is required. Whether it is water or flood damage, fire or smoke damage or mold problems, Owners Dave Hughes and Bill Rein as well as the rest of their professional technicians are ready to immediately and compassionately help you.

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.


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