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Why Choose PuroClean First Responders?

When water or fire damage occurs in your Wyandotte-area home or business, call PuroClean First Responders to start your journey to full recovery. Owner Steven & Deena Shearer and the team know how challenging water damage, mold damage, or fire damage can be to you and your family. It’s not the time to choose the wrong provider. PuroClean First Responders has a proven combination of training, state of the art equipment, and efficient relationships with insurance and other partners in your area. We serve Wyandotte, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Rochester, Utica, and more.

Depending on where you reside in your community, the statistics regarding your chances of experiencing flood damage will vary. These numbers, however, prove that putting the appropriate property insurance protection in place is very important. This year, more than 20% of Americans will suffer property damage due to flood issues. Emergency property restoration, specifically water damage restoration is a necessary service performed by expert professionals.

Both commercial and residential properties can suffer substantial damage from flooding. There is no doubt that your property, regardless of type, is very important to you. Also, it should also be important to hire a company like PuroClean First Responders with trained water damage restoration experts in Wyandotte. PuroClean First Responders cleans and dries the affected areas using the newest, most state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Getting rid of moisture in carpets, flooring, furnishings and walls prevents microbial growth, such as mold and mildew. This helps you avoid risks to your health due to microbial infestation.

An extremely important part of the inspection process is for the trained technicians to find pre-existing mold or potential mold and make hasty plans for it’s removal. The certified professionals are highly skilled on locating this unusual moisture and not allowing it to linger for long periods of time. The removal of mold, moisture and mildew is essential to keeping your property a safe, secure and healthy area. It’s not an easy situation to endure for you, and our experienced technicians are there to help ease your problems. PuroClean First Responders is available 24/7 to respond to your emergency flood and water damage calls. Give PuroClean First Responders your trust and call when you need us.

Wyandotte property restoration and water damage services

It is the goal of PuroClean to perform water removal to return your property to normal as expeditiously as possible. Water affected areas will be the focal point and all flood waters are extracted by commercial grade pumps. The next phase in this process consists of our trained technicians using high-grade dehumidifiers and high-velocity fans to clean and dry all affected areas.

To help eliminate mold related problems and eliminate odors, PuroClean uses technological advancements as well as EPA-registered disinfectants in the restoration process. Upon mobilization, inspections are carried out to determine which restoration services are needed. The process could include restoration and deodorization of any number of areas, such as wall cavities, crawl spaces, floors, and walls.

Hardwood floors

For water damaged hardwood flooring, PuroClean has devised a specialty drying system to mitigate water and eradicate moisture. We take extreme care while using heat, desiccant dehumidification, and a specialized drying panel system to assure your wood floors are dried correctly. Our drying system is intended to leave wood floors in the most possible restored condition, but further refinishing may be required.

Wall cavities and crawl spaces

Water and mold affected materials that are not dried will threaten the condition of wall cavities and crawl spaces due to the lingering presence of moisture. Restoration technicians manage problems presented by the moisture by drying the walls, floors, ceilings, and crawl spaces. Additionally, restoration professionals ensure that your walls, ceilings, flooring, and other materials will remain free of mold by returning them to their pre-loss water content in a timely manner, thus reducing microbial issues from developing.

Vanities and cabinets

Puroclean restoration specialists are well trained in which drying procedures to use for different materials. Whereas materials like drywall will dry faster, cabinets and vanities normally dry slower. The drying time depends wholly on the materials which comprise your cabinets or vanities. It is the main goal of PuroClean technicians to return your premises and belongings to their previous state as efficiently as possible. We use highly successful drying methods that quicken the evaporation process and raise the likelihood of saving your water damaged property.

Sewage cleanup

A sewage backup and flood have the means to wreak havoc on your property, whether it is residential or commercial. Certified and trained technicians shall use EPA registered disinfectants, along with proven drying procedures to restore your property to its original condition. Unfortunately, our skilled technicians will also deem which materials are beyond saving and dispose of these items. It is the main focus of all PuroClean technicians to clear your premises of any disease-causing bacteria and pathogens that may pose health risks to any occupants.

Why you should Choose PuroClean for Wyandotte Water Damage and Property Restoration

Team of Experts

Meeting and exceeding industry standards, ensuring our technicians are fully experienced, and using the latest technology, are just a few reasons PuroClean PuroClean First Responders is the smartest overall. We are all well experienced in dealing with old or new, large or small, commercial or residential flood restoration projects. You may have the chance to save money with a low cost company or crew, but can seriously sacrifice your property’s durability down the road. Don’t settle for less when taking care of your flood damaged property. Hiring us is the safest choice and you’ll have no regrets in the future.

Insurance help

Most insurance companies will be glad to speak with PuroClean about your water restoration project needs. Additionally, we are there for you to make a tough situation a little less strenuous by talking with your agent for you. We can assist you with the claim, making sure that you file quickly and efficiently.

Emergency assistance

Contact PuroClean PuroClean First Responders for your emergency restoration needs. Our professional services are available 24/7 to prevent your water damage from becoming a disaster. Call anytime for you issues regarding water, fire, mold, biohazard or general cleaning needs.

Get more information

Leave no stone unturned – contact us today with any questions or concerns and we will help however we can. Call (734)225-2552 and we will be pleased to go into full detail with you.

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