Water on wood flooring could be seeping through underneath the floor.

Water Damage. It’s More than Meets the Eye.

Mold Restoration

Damage can be hard to spot.

Property damage caused by water loss can come in many forms. Whether it is an appliance leak, a burst pipe, a sump pump failure, or any other unfortunate event, sometimes just mopping up the water isn’t enough. Within minutes of the event, water can start to find its way into all the different places where it really isn’t wanted. Flooring, furniture, carpets, all these things are very porous and make it very easy for water to penetrate the material. This means that it may be causing damage that may not be visible on the surface.

Water on wood flooring could be seeping through creating damage underneath the floor.

Once materials begin to soak the water will spread further throughout the area. A simple example of this is in drywall. Water that is introduced to the wall at floor level can easily move up the wall by soaking through the drywall. This action is similar to if you were to dip a paper towel in a glass of water. The sitting water only touched the end of the towel but quickly absorbs into the towel and travels up. Once this occurs, we have two real options. If the water was clean water and not contaminated in any way then we can attempt to dry the affected materials. This does get tricky depending on how saturated they are, however. The second option if the damage was caused by contaminated water is to cut away the parts of the wall that were affected. We always aim to dry whatever we can and avoid doing any sort of demolition but in certain scenarios, it is the only option.

One of the main reasons that we want to make sure the water damage is either dried completely or taken out of the property is to avoid mold forming. Mold can form after 72 hours of a water loss and can be hard to see, especially if you do not have prior experience working with mold. Mold quickly spreads between materials and can be a real pain to deal with once it gets a foothold in a home or business. This is why it is so important to deal with the damage that water has caused to your property quickly and correctly.

With the help of PuroClean, your property will be dry, clean, and safe for whatever is next. We have a 24/7 Live Answering service where you can reach a real person at any time should an emergency appear, please give us a call at our Auburn location at 774-321-3232 or our Natick office at 781-474-0200.

Last edited on 8th of February 2023