Water & Property Damage Restoration Services in Sunny Isles, FL

We are an industry front running organization that focuses on property emergency services in Sunny Isles, FL. We are PuroClean – helping families and companies to overcome life changing situations due to fire, mold, water and other forms of property damage. To help our customers reduce insurance claim costs and improve satisfaction, we adhere to our specially formulated “Certified Priority Response” guidelines. This guarantees that our work follows certain stern standards of certification and pre-approvals of the mutually agreed upon scope of work. With every call, we respond quickly, efficiently and with the utmost compassion 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

PuroClean of Sunny Isles, FL prides itself on the ability to respond rapidly to water damage problems and emergencies in Sunny Isles, FL and surrounding areas. We understand that water damage can be caused by all kinds of issues ranging from leaky faucets to something more significant like frozen or burst pipes. Your home is in good hands with our certified and trained technicians. Our goal here at PuroClean of Sunny Isles, FL is to avoid any further damage and avoid risk of mold that could impact the structure of your property. Don’t wait to contact us anytime at (305) 907-7373.

Local Property Damage Restoration Services in Sunny Isles, FL

We are your neighbor – with easy access to all of Sunny Isles, FL – we are the local experts that helps individuals, families and companies throughout Sunny Isles, FL get back to normal life after experiencing property damage.

PuroClean’s specialists offer the following services: water damage restoration, fire and smoke mitigation, mold restoration, biohazard and virus sanitation, and much more. It is very important to us that our clients in the Sunny Isles, FL area are fully aware of what’s happening. Open and clear communication is top priority to inform all clients as to how we’ll achieve returning their damaged property to the original state. Our passion for the work and the quality of the services we deliver have earned PuroClean a trusted reputation in Sunny Isles, FL and beyond.

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Water damage restoration in Sunny Isles, FL

We do what it takes to keep open lines of communication, so that all those involved can understand what is taking place, what to expect next, and what needs to happen. At each step, we keep you and your insurance agent fully involved. PuroClean uses the latest state-of-the-art tools and equipment for drying, dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting your water damaged space. Our objective is to restore your home or business with as little interruption possible and get you back to normal life. Our water damage restoration services have helped us gain the trust of homeowners, insurance agents, home service providers, and property managers all throughout Sunny Isles, FL. In contrast to all other water damage restoration firms, we rescue and restore lives and property utilizing our specially designed PuroClean QuickDry System™. We work diligently to complete your project in the shortest possible time and at a lower price than the competitors’ drying methods.

Water damage is often caused by something minor, like a leaky faucet or something significant, like frozen and burst pipes. Whatever the cause, large or small, PuroClean, serving Sunny Isles, FL is prepared to respond quickly and remove standing water and moisture from your property in or around Sunny Isles, FL. Our trained technicians will take care of your home or business.Our goal is to prevent further damage and avoid the risk that mold will affect the structure or your belongings. Don’t wait to call us anytime, at (305) 907-7373.

Trust PuroClean, serving Sunny Isles, FL for your Water Damage Restoration

Our Proven Process of the PuroClean QuickDry System™: Using advanced applied psychrometric science we are able to effectively and efficiently manage the dehumidification and temperature in order to promote proper drying that will ensure as much of your water damaged property as possible is restored.

During our Process of Water Removal: The Sunny Isles, FL IIRCRC certified water damage restoration technicians are there to make sure that the obvious and hidden water damaged areas of your property are restored – while giving special care to all of your belongings and property.

Fire damage restoration in Sunny Isles, FL

Many individuals fail to realize that damage keeps happening long after a fire has been put out. If action is not taken quickly to stop it, damage can mount quickly. Timing is the most important priority for fire and smoke damage remediation – so don’t wait to contact PuroClean. We waste no time in getting our technicians to work ASAP. We are conveniently available to respond 24/7, weekdays, weekends and holidays too! Please remember: the fire and smoke damage WILL NOT stop until properly addressed – so we begin the restoration process with extreme urgency.

Mold remediation services in Sunny Isles, FL

Removal of mold can be a serious job, calling for certain licensing or certifications. You can be positive PuroClean has the experience, technicians and technology to do the job safely and correctly. Mold can create very serious health risks. Normally, mold occurs following undetected water damage, or water damage that wasn’t mitigated properly. PuroClean provides mold remediation services, fully eradicating all mold along with locating and fixing the source if it is water damage related. As part of our process, we clean and sanitize your property, including eradicating the mold odor, restoring your home or business to the pre-mold condition.

Choose PuroClean for your property restoration needs

Your local PuroClean stays up to date on all certifications, licenses and insurance in order to perform mold abatement in biohazard conditions safely while following all laws and standards applicable. PuroClean understands that certain events are sensitive and have to be managed with empathy and discretion. PuroClean promises to treat every client with compassion and respect, whether we’re performing our work in a home, commercial property or business.


How do certified technicians typically handle water damage?

The first thing professionals do is remove damaged materials that will either be restored or discarded. Materials include baseboards, insulation, furniture, carpeting, upholstery, carpet padding, fragile woods, drywall, and more. [...]

¿Cómo puedo determinar un daño por agua en una residencia?

Puede inspeccionar las paredes y techos por manchas de agua, revisar si los pisos tienen pandeo o ver si la tubería esta gastada, tiene liqueos, tiene falta de o si [...]

Como puedo prevenir daños por agua en el techo?

Debe reemplazar tejas perdidas, limpiar los arroyos, y inspeccionar los ductos, valles, chimeneas, tuberia, claraboyas, etc. Tambien debe revisar el techo de su attico y remover cualquier accumulacion de hielo [...]

¿Se puede limpiar el polvo de extintores de la alfombra?

[VIDEO] Si, pero se recomienda que el trabajo sea realizado por los profesionales. El residuo es un irritante y puede causar incomodidad y/o problemas de respiración, también causando irritación a [...]

¿Cómo evalúa el daño de agua al comprar una casa?

Usted debe obtener un inspector de casa profesional para determinar si hay daño de agua y la magnitud del daño. Un contratista puede estimar el costo de reparación. [...]

If your home or business suffers property damage in Sunny Isles, FL, call PuroClean of Aventura!

PuroClean’s damage restoration team in Sunny Isles, FL

David Shiffman and Ricardo Herdan, owners of PuroClean of Aventura, FL

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