Spring Storms – Are You Prepared?

Water Restoration

The Birmingham area has seen some severe weather over the past couple of weeks. Spring weather can be so unpredictable, sunny days followed by a week of thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are especially devastating in spring because the ground is still mostly frozen when rain starts to fall. The ground cannot absorb rainfall, causing the water to flow into rivers, lakes, roads, and even properties. Below is a list of helpful tips on how to be properly prepared for spring storms:

Preparing for Spring Storms

  • Create a family evacuation plan with escape routes from each room in your house. Establish a meeting place outside and how to contact each other if separated. Practice the plan and evacuation routes with family members and ensure everyone understands the plan.
    • Include your pets in your emergency preparedness plan. Have a separate emergency kit for them and make sure they wear ID tags.
  • Make an inventory of your belongings to help you file an insurance claim if needed. Also put important information, such as documents, personal numbers, and insurance policies in a secure place.
  • Check your home for potential weaknesses and fix them to strengthen your home against damage. For example, tighten the roof shingles as they might fly off in severe winds.
  • Prune any loose branches in your yard that could fall during a flood or storm. Remove dead vegetation from your yard and keep it clean.
  • Clean the drains and gutters from debris to ensure proper drainage. Strong winds can quickly tear loose gutters from your home, so attach gutters tightly to your house.
  • Everyone in the household should know how to turn off utilities (electricity, gas, and water) and how to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Create an emergency supply kit that contains at least:

1. A battery-powered flashlight and radio, as well as spare batteries

2. Water bottles and non-perishable food to last for three to five days

3. A first aid kit that includes antibiotic ointment, adhesive bandages, non-latex gloves, scissors, tweezers, cloth tape, etc.

4. Blankets and warm clothing 5. Personal hygiene items

It is especially important to plan and act now before a flood or tornado strikes your area.  Sometimes you do not have a ton of notice before a storm is heading your way.  For emergency flood repair or mold removal service, call PuroClean Emergency Services. We can mitigate the damage and perform full restoration services in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

Last edited on 14th of April 2021