Our Story

Founded in 2001, PuroSystems, LLC. is a leader in the franchise restoration industry, having launched PuroClean, which has become one of the leading property damage remediation franchise organizations in North America. With a network of over 400 offices, PuroClean touches the lives of people in communities throughout the U.S. and Canada by providing 24-hour property emergency restoration services.

PuroClean, a fire and water damage restoration company, as well as a mold and mildew removal company also offers biohazard cleanup services. Serving residential and commercial property owners in the United States and Canada, PuroClean Franchisees help families and businesses overcome the trauma of property damage and loss through responsiveness, exceptional restoration service, and compassion.

Our “rescue” work ethic has earned PuroClean the reputation of being known as β€œThe Paramedics of Property Damageβ„’”. A Paramedic is a first responder, an authority that brings calm and confidence, stopping further harm, administering emergency on-site treatment, and stabilizing a situation to allow for subsequent professional aid and assistance when required.

Our Team

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alejandro pericchi


Joined PuroClean in 1999

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We have been honored to receive the following awards and certifications:

IIRC Certified

IICRC Certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

EPA Lead-Safe Certified

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April 23rd

Restoring Peace of Mind: PuroClean of Bloomington

April 15th

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