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Water RestorationPublished April 19, 2021

Water Job Grows Too Big For The Competition, So PuroClean Steps In

The winter storms that devastated Texas in February have left impacts that are still felt today. We recently performed an extensive water restoration on a home that was damaged during those storms. Unfortunately, we weren’t the first restoration company the client hired. The scope of the job was so extensive that the first company could not handle it. So, they made a call, and the “Paramedics of Property Damage” came in to finish the job.

PuroClean Recovers the Fumble

The client was a retired woman who lives in a six-bedroom home. We arrived on the scene and evaluated the damage. Fifteen separate pipes ended up bursting due to the winter freeze. When water freezes into ice, it expands and causes pipes to burst, leading to water damage. The damage from the water throughout the entire home was extensive.

The size of the job was not the only challenge involved. The client also had a pack-out crew remove personal items while we simultaneously worked. Furthermore, the client’s schedule only allowed for us to work for 3-4 hours daily, limiting how much we could accomplish every day. We also ran into new issues as the work progressed, changing the scope of the assignment.

We conducted a complete demolition on several rooms that were affected. Portions of the ceiling in the barroom needed to be removed. When we removed parts of the ceiling, it revealed signs of heavy water damage to the insulation, which then needed to be replaced. We also had to demo the tile, ceiling, drywall, take out the toilet, and cast iron bathtub in the bathrooms. In each bedroom affected, we had to make 2-foot-tall cuts to the drywall to remove all of the damaged surfaces. During each step, our technicians were spraying anti-microbial spray to ward off mold growth.

The job took about three weeks to complete, but considering the constraints, this was very fast. We kept in constant contact with the homeowner and her adjuster. The homeowner was extremely pleased with our communication with her. She greatly appreciated that we walked her through everything and explicitly explained what we were doing and why we were doing it. 

Call PuroClean of Boerne for Professional Water Restoration Services

Although frozen pipes were an incredibly common consequence of the winter storm, water damage can still happen under a variety of circumstances. Our team at PuroClean of Boerne is professionally trained and certified to handle your restoration with efficiency and compassion. Call us at (830) 266-9494.