We can solve mold problems for real estate transactions

A single word that can strike fear in the hearts of homeowners. Buyers and sellers alike can be challenged by these four little letters that can potentially derail a sale. But mold is not the end. Mold issues can be fixed, and our PuroClean team will get the job done. Moisture damage is not always predictable, but it is reparable. Our team of trained remediation experts will go where you don’t want to. Crawl spaces, attics and basements are our office.

Recently our team was brought in after a sale fell through. Mold was found in the basement and crawl space of an older house for sale in Longmont. The inspector found evidence of the mold, but couldn’t pinpoint the location and didn’t see any signs of moisture.  PuroClean was called in by the sellers agent to find the problem, fix it and eliminate any mold.  We found the additional mold hiding between the insulation and the subfloor in the crawl space under the kitchen.  We also found the moisture in the crawl space under the kitchen, which had recently been remodeled in preparation for sale.

Mold on the structure under the kitchen.
Mold on the structure under the kitchen.

The moisture was residual, trapped between the insulation and the subfloor, left over from a previous leak. The leak had been repaired in the kitchen remodel, but the moisture remained. We had to eliminate the mold and get the space dry as quickly as possible as the seller needed the house back on the market.

Insulation was pulled from the crawl space only to reveal extensive mold on the subfloor and floor joists under the kitchen. A containment barrier was erected to protect the rest of the house from the mold spores using HEPA air scrubbers to filter the air and create negative air pressure in the contained work area.

The effected insulation was removed. Bagged and sealed inside the containment to avoid dirty insulation being taken through the house. Active mold was removed with HEPA vacuums after which dehumidifiers and air movers were used to thoroughly dry the crawl space. The sub floor and floor joists were sealed to prevent any future mold growth. Our team spent two days in protective equipment, in a four-foot crawl space, working to ensure the mold and moisture was fully remediated.

Insulation and other debris bagged sealed and ready for disposal
Debris including insulation all removed from the crawl space, bagged, sealed and ready for disposal.
Technicians working in full personal protective equipment (PPE)
Technician in full PPE preparing for mold remediation

The house was quickly returned to market, refreshed and mold free.  The sale closed days later with happy buyers and a happy seller.

Whether you are buying, selling or facilitating, don’t let mold get in your way.

Call PuroClean for all your disaster restoration needs.

If there is moisture, we will find it, and we will fix it.

The crawl space structure after mold remediation and encapsulation
The structure was cleaned and treated with antimicrobial solutions then thoroughly dried and finally encapsulated to prevent future mold issues in the crawl space.

Our PuroClean Team follows the Institute for Industrial Cleaning and Restoration Contractors.  (IICRC) S520 Guidelines for mold remediation.  These guidelines define the industry best practice for dealing with mold.  That standard dictates a process of HEPA vacuuming, scrubbing and scraping, as needed, sporicide treatment followed by an additional HEPA vacuum.

Last edited on 27th of March 2019