We Restore A House After The Tenant Commits Arson

Fire Restoration

Fires are tough enough when they are just an accident, but it’s even crazier when the tenant you lease to commits arson! Thankfully, when this happened to one of our clients, they called us to help them restore the house and navigate through the tangled web of restorations and procedures that go along with such a crazy situation.

Through The Fire And Flames

This job was unique in many ways, in no small part because the tenant committed arson, which is a major felony. Their actions resulted in substantial fire and smoke damage throughout the home. This is a complex process in itself. However, it gets even more complicated in this situation because we have to deal with the homeowner and their insurance.

This was an extensive project. Sometime after the fire and before we got approval to start work, we found that the pipes had frozen and the mainline had busted, flooding the whole basement with a foot or two of water. We had to extract water, fully demolish the basement and all the ceilings and insulation upstairs, and soda blasted studs to clean them thoroughly. We also encapsulated the entire home and thermofogged (a type of industrial deodorant that neutralizes smoke odors) the whole place to get rid of any lingering odors.

You could be excused for not knowing that when there is a fire in a home, the fire itself doesn’t cause the only damage. The fire department dumps a lot of water to extinguish the fire which can cause a lot more damage to the home, and drying is needed to help prevent secondary damage which is mold growth.

This job took some time, and the tenants had to move out. We had to document and photograph all contents and communicate back and forth with insurance to gain approval to remove different items.

The client was pleased with us as we handled everything, such as dealing with his insurance, coordinating abatement, coordinating the plumbing situation, and responding quickly to extract standing water when it was found. We were very happy to help them through this complicated time.

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Last edited on 11th of November 2021