What does it cost to dry out and repair water damage in your home?

Damage restoration

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Statistics will tell us that, every year, 2% of households will experience water damage serious enough to require professional help.


Most people want to avoid filing an insurance claim unless it is absolutely warranted.  Filing a claim can cause your insurance rates to rise and you may even loos coverage in some cases.  So most people want to know what it will cost to repair water damage.

PuroClean Disaster response provides a free assessment to homeowners to aid them in estimate the total cost of damage restoration and repair.

Nationwide, the average cost for flood damage restoration is $2,700.  That only covers the cost of drying the property and making it safe.  It does not include the cost of any replacement or repair of drywall, carpets and other household fixtures.  A small clean water break can be as low as $1,000 while black water damage, sewer backups of floods from ground water, can easily exceed $5,000.  Again this only covers the cost of drying and cleaning.  It does not cover any rebuild costs for flooring, walls, painting, doors or trim.

Before we can give you an estimate we need to understand a few things:

PuroClean Disaster response uses standard pricing as approved by the insurance companies so whether you file a claim or not you will be charged a fair price for the work we do.  If you have filed a claim we will work directly with your insurance company to ensure everything we do is approved by the adjuster.  This ensures that none of us get surprised by unexpected costs or issues.


We also provide on site assessments of water damage costs to aid homeowners in making a decision about filing a claim.  Call us at 720 773 3400.

Last edited on 14th of August 2018