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Why Choose PuroClean North Redlands

When you are unable to occupy your property, we secure it with roof tarp service, window board up, and other security measures. Our repair professionals do structural work, drywall, finish carpentry, paint, cabinet, flooring and all finish work to your Satisfaction. Let PuroClean North Redlands take care of your property from start to finish. As restoration specialists, we salvage what we can and are prepared to make the necessary repairs and go the extra mile with reconstruction to get your property back to pre-loss condition.

Quality & Speed

The quality and speed in which we work makes us the full-service damage restoration and reconstruction company you can count on. 


Throughout the Inland Empire, our company has earned the trust of homeowners, businesses, insurance professionals, and property managers.


We are fully licensed and insured to provide complete, expert reconstruction services.

Compassionate Service

While your property is being restored, we want to ensure that you feel cared for throughout the process. Our goal is to restore hope and rebuild families.

When the damage remediation is over, you’re often only halfway there. Your property may need repairs and reconstruction to return to its pre-loss condition. We understand the trauma you and your loved ones are facing. We offer complete reconstruction services, to bring your property back to normal.

PuroClean Reconstruction Services Provides…

Emergency board-ups, structural stabilization, and site security.

Complete reconstruction of residential and commercial structures including:

  • Inspections
  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Complete and thorough estimates
  • Permit acquisition
  • Project management

A prompt response using the

PuroClean QuickDry System™ can save


on water damage claim costs.

Expert Restoration Service

PuroClean technicians are highly trained and certified, and use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to effectively remediate property damage.


What is involved in reconstruction?

Reconstruction may involve electrical, drywall, carpentry, or painting, flooring, cabinetry, roofing, permit acquisition, replacement or installation, project management or inspections

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Why should I consider using PuroClean for reconstruction?

The Professionals at PuroClean are the best option for reconstruction services because we understand the scope of the work to

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What is Reconstruction?

Reconstruction is the work done to repair damages from fire, flood or other catastrophic events.

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Why should I consider using PuroClean for reconstruction?

PuroClean is the best option for reconstruction services because we know and understand the scope of the work to be

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Do I need to have a permit for deconstruction services?

A permit may be needed depending on the requirements of your municipality and the full scope of the work to

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